poppies in october

November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

# aza has developed an interesting syncretic language of egyptian arabic, english, and french.  she says things like: come henna! (come here)  i want di.  (i want this)  you button you.  (button your shirt).

# i am reading the journals of sylvia plath.  i love her poems.  and reading her journals. her language is so interior and rich.  reading sylvia always brings me to reminding me that writing poetry is about being able to share what is most intimate to you in language.

poppies in october

“A gift, a love gift
Utterly unasked for
By a sky”

# which makes me think that in an increasingly post literate, poetry is becoming more and not less relevant.  it seems to me that as the written word becomes less necessary as a means to conveying information.  poetry, which does not covey information primarily, but experience of intimacy.  poetry that is a form created to be spoken and then those folk poems – such as the odyssey- were transcribed.  poetry that focuses on saying the unsayable.  naming the unnameable.  on truth.  poetry that focuses on language as launguage and also on something beyond or before language.

poetry that attempts to say what it says with no clutter.

poetry is what i read when i am in a hurry.

# am thinking a lot about radical women of color and spirtuality and art.  how does our spiritual beliefs/practices influence our actions and our creative expressions?  what is the relationship between our words, our poetry, our politics, and our spirituality?


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