i ching for a new year…

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original photo by mitchie

picture of me holding my cannon camera to my eye, wearing my favorite t shirt of a woman with her fist in the air. it is a sister fire tshirt i bought at the incite conference in denver a couple of years ago.  i wish i had bought more sisterfire tshirts at the conference.

i ching for 2010

hexagram 35 progress

Like the Sun rising effortlessly upward at the dawn of a new day, you will find yourself elevated to new heights. This fortunate hexagram suggests career advancement and recognition for a job well done. Expect greater responsibility, prosperity and kinship. This is an opportunity to benefit others while experiencing your own radiance and splendor. Your inner nature grows in brightness and purity. This is a time of awakening to your life’s purpose.

changes into hexagram 40 deliverance

“Freedom from hardship” is the meaning of this welcome hexagram. Some challenges will still lie ahead, but the stage has been set for success. You have disentangled yourself from opposing forces. Your projects, ideas and dreams are destined to come to fruition. This is a time to rally your support base, and clear the air of any tensions and grievances. This is a time to forgive and forget. Let worries wash away like water.

new years resolution: cultivate mindfulness

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inspired by this article from zen habits:

(btw i love this blog for its simplicity and practicalness.  if you are looking for basic ways to find focus and energy in life, visit this blog.   i like his lack of pretention.  and he is not into consumer buddhism. )

i’m going to start with the one month challenge:

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk

“When you drive around the city and come to a red light or a stop sign, you can just sit back and make use of these twenty or thirty seconds to relax — to breathe in, breathe out, and enjoy arriving in the present moment. There are many things like that we can do.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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blue eyes

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a picture of aza standing outside of a kids clothing store. behind her is a black doll with blue eyes.

the nile

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the nile

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the aswan nile

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these are three fotos of the nile river at night.  as we sit in the boat and look back at the city of aswan.


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random sample of my facebook status updates for the year 2009

hope and hangovers

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ok. you know what.  to all of those who last year called me and others –cynical, haters, etc. –because we were critical/refused to vote for barack obama because he was antithetical to our work for social justice and our love for ourselves and our family -biological and chosen. and now you are all disappointed and critical  in the change you got.  which looks like change and sounds like change, but turns out that it aint that much change in terms of policy…

here is the difference between you and me for the most part.

i actually listened to his speeches.

he is doing exactly what i expected him to do his first year.

he is doing exactly what he said he would do the first year.

barry is honest.

and yes he let progressive believe whatever their little hearts wanted.  they thought he was pro gay marriage.  against war.  and all about economic justice.  and other fantasies of the liberal mind.

are you feeling disillusioned.  feeling like you shouldnt have to fight so hard for what you thought was already guaranteed when he stepped into office?

feeling a bit…cynical?

oh. you wouldnt call it cynical.  you just got the reality check that it doesnt matter who is in office…the fight is always in the streets…i hear you.  its a hope hangover.

welcome.  welcome to my world.

fan girl continued

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ive decided that next year i am going to have an intermittent series called: fan girl.  in which i share some of the amazing women who have radicalized my work and my point of view.

one of the gifts that blogging has given me is that i have had the pleasure of having my mind blown on a regular basis by people i have never met in person.

so here’s to looking forward to a new year


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cartoon of mary and joseph being stopped and searched by israeli soldiers at a checkpoint

habibi says that this image is way over done.  he is probably right.  but one of the first stories that made me sit up and take a deeper look at the occupation of palestine.  were the stories of palestinian women forced to give birth at a checkpoint.

the invention of the jewish people

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thinking about the bombing of gaza by israel last year.

excerpted from colorlines

It may come as a surprise to find out that there were no histories of the Jews as a people written from the time of Josephus to the 19th century. Sand explains that’s because there is no Jewish people. It’s not a race, it’s a religion, one that has been adopted by various peoples throughout the Old World and just as often abandoned. Whatever the story, Sand makes a very strong case against the neo-biblical story of the Jews that has been used by both Christians and modern Jews, and forms the religious underpinning of Zionism. His telling of history can be summed up briefly:

• The Jews were not driven from Judea. The Romans executed exiled leaders of the revolts, but they didn’t deport populations – there or anywhere. Jews remained in the Near East and most eventually became either Christians or, after the eighth century, Muslims.

• The appearance of Jews throughout Europe since Roman times has not been the story of a single people driven to wander from place to place.

• The Jews, like the later Christians and Muslims, were a proselytizing religion, and large numbers of eastern Mediterraneans, North Africans and Europeans became Jews.

• Today’s Jews are an admixture of many peoples who chose to remain Jews. They are not direct descendants of Judeans or Israelites, and some of us may have no Middle Eastern blood at all.

Or, as Sand says, the harder we study the history, “the more we discover that there never was a secular ethnographic common denominator between Jewish believers in Asia, Africa and Europe. World Jewry had always been a major religious culture. Though consisting of various elements, it was not a strange, wandering nation.” That myth, as well as the Jews’ collective punishment for the crucifixion, was created in Medieval Europe.

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