i feel about a lap about how i feel about a front porch

December 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

1. a little history.  interview and honoring of anna grier, a black southern traditional midwife.  she has passed but she is here.  god whenever i hear the little sneer in someone’s voice about me being a birth worker.  the little — oh that’s *cute*.  like not really radical or activist-y or hardcore or whateva.  i remember that i have known no one more hardcore than black southern women.

2. lap, aprons, and black pots.  my grandmother and mother has all three of these.  yes.  there is something elegantly black south about that trio.  sweet tea.  church ushers in white gloves.  funeral home paper fans.  sandy roads.  and red rock soda.

does anyone know what i am talking about?

3. tonight i miss the south.  met a girl today from atl.  i started missing the scent of home.

4. its hard to explain.  but i havent been in the same room with a usa rwoc for over a year.  its like forgetting what your reflection looks like.

5. i wrote this zine a month before allied media conference this year.  my plan was to send it to the conference.  of course i didnt for a million little distractions.  its about trans nationalism, women of color, homesickness, home, building community, and making connections across man made borders…you know the shite i write about.

there is a line in it that says: i dont need to tell you what it means to live in a police state.  it feels like being a woman of color in the states.


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