sheep truck

December 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

sheep truck

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ah the sheep. i didnt really write much about eid al adha. probably because i kind of felt bad for the sheep. i have never been in the middle east when the sacrifice eid happened. for a couple of weeks before the eid the sheep were everywhere. sheep in the market, outside the mosques, wandering in front of stores. on the morning of eid i saw a sheep outside my window. he was standing on a pile of garbage [because that is what our dining window faces…] just this one sheep. alone. i wanted to yell…run! sheep! run!
sheep blood in the streets. sheep bones piled up on corners. pelts of sheep sunning on the sidewalk. flies congregating for the feast.
im not sure why i have such a visceral reaction to the animal sacrifice. frankly, i love easter. the god being sacrificed. the rent of the tabernacle. the re imagining of history. the blood. the descent to hell. i love the paganness of it. mary magdalene waiting at the empty tomb. mary magdalene being the first to spread the good word that the god lives.
i tried to bring that same love of sacrificial ecstasy to eid al adha. but this eid is a different beast.
maybe next year i will watch the sheep’s neck being sliced and then eat the meat. i felt like i was standing too far outside of the celebration to feel anything more than sorrow for the sheep. and a bodily revulsion toward the dead sheep carcasses and midnight colored flies.


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