calling cards

December 6, 2009 § 3 Comments

so i am thinking about ways to deal with the world my efficiently.  one of the things that i have to deal with is people’s attitudes toward black folk.  both the white ex-pat and the arab egyptians.  (also, i have made the bad habit of talking and writing about egyptians when often what i mean are arab egyptians.  this is silly.  nubians are the more indigenous people to egypt.  arab culture came with the muslim conquest in the 7th century.  and this would all be irrelevant history i guess, except that nubians are still treated like second class citizens, the conquered, in egypt today.)

anyways, i was thinking about cards.  carrying cards that would do the talking for me.

at first i thought i would just print a bunch of copies of this and carry them with me.  but it seems too long.

and i love adrian piper’s work.

so has anyone ever tried the racism calling cards?

and what would be a short pithy things to address the inevitable racism to print onto the cards?


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