naked in broad daylight

December 19, 2009 § 3 Comments

you ever just get the feeling that you are some CRAZY RADICAL who is saying the most out-there, off the wall, extreme ideas?  i mean ideas that in your head and in your everyday life just seem so clear and common sense and yet once they come out of your mouth or your fingers and are communicated to ‘others’– these same ideas sound CRAZY!?

like someday you are going to wake up with your hair on fire and go running down the streets naked in broad day light screaming: the REVOLUTION  is coming! the REVOLUTION is coming!…

yeah.  me too.



§ 3 Responses to naked in broad daylight

  • Ash says:


    The other week I found myself in a small house party full of people who I thought were sane, but was only superficially acquainted with. And then I got into a philosophical discussion with some 27 year old white guy about things. The discussion about religion eventually came around to the subject of kyriarchy. He was completely incredulous of things I was saying. He insisted that just because he was white, upper middle class, heterosexual cisgendered, able bodied, with a college degree, etc. that he had no inherent privilege over any other person. Oh and he had Polish great grandparents who were very poor so he knows what it is like to experience oppression (seriously).

    Here is where it gets weird. Other people were starting to listen to us argue. I thought I should bring other people into the conversation, so somebody besides my husband would back me up. Bad idea. Turns out pretty much everyone at that party (except for me and my husband (go Nader!)) had voted for Ron Paul. It was creepy. I don’t know what it is about Ron Paul supporters but they seriously weird me out. As we were leaving the party, a few of them gave me that “your hair is on fire” look

  • nakedthoughts says:

    IF ONLY we were ready for that. if revolution happened today, it would just be co-opted and nothing would change.

    I didn’t call myself radical for a while. Then I realized how the rest of the world thinks. I mean, common sense should not be considered radical, right?

  • mama says:

    hee hee.
    @ash wow. ive never been in a room full of ron paul supporters. i find grumpy old southern white men fascinating! so ron paul has been a secret crush of mine for the past couple of years…dont ask…i grew up in va.
    oh but the crazy radical vibe totally happens when i hang out with some of the ex pats here. i was at a party full of international law students in a ‘passionate’ argument about how america is not post racial even though obama…i cant believe i get caught in these situations. i ended it by making a black power fist and getting another drink…
    yeah. the revolution will not be televised, it will be co opted and advertised…

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