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December 24, 2009 § 4 Comments

–tonight we have invited a couple of people over.  bought charcoal for the grill.  and rum and vodka for the celebration. when we arent in the states, xmas eve becomes a very relaxed affair.  enjoyable even.

–we are going to aswan for new years.  the hotel and flights are booked.  supposedly aswan is famous for its henna and henna designs.  hoping that i come back from aswan with pretty hands.

–ive been on this kick for the past couple of weeks, writing about midwifery and colonialism, racism, classism.  i needed to get all of those thoughts out of my head, so that i could clear the way for a new year.  i still have a few more posts to finish.

  • how i first became interested in midwifery, spiritual midwifery–the book, and punk girls
  • nutrition and the childbearing year
  • survivors and birth (there are a couple of books on the subject. i have not read them. so i may not write this post until i read them…maybe not.  just dont want to be redundant.)
  • optimal birth for the optimal body

–have had a long standing interest/investment in herbal/self-induced abortions.  when i first started studying midwifery, we started by studying herbal abortions and supporting women with information and consultation and doula-like support during their abortion.

  • books i am going to read soon on the history of herbal abortions in the global west.  contraception and abortion from the ancient world to the rennaissance and eve’s herbs–both are by john riddle
  • am thinking a lot about how abortion is illegal in cairo, and what are the options for women who dont want to be pregnant.
  • am thinking of starting a program called: the lilith plan.  for herbal and non-medical contraception and abortion.  consultation would be online or in person.

–am really excited about this new year.  this year has been exhausting.  i have learned so so so much.  like where my boundaries are.  that saturn return is a bitch though.

–have i mentioned doulas of color lately?  no?  go check them out.  so many of those sisters were trained with ictc. international center for traditional childbearing.  (aka black midwives) oh have i not mentioned ictc lately?  dear me.  srsly.  go check them out.  “The International Center for Traditional Childbearing, ICTC is a non-profit, culturally diverse, pregnancy support, health promotion and training organization.”

Visit Doulas of Color

§ 4 Responses to happy thoughts

  • Ash says:

    re: the lilith plan

    If you get serious about doing that project, we need to talk! I have oodles and oodles of resources. I have Riddle’s book you mentioned, megabytes of PDF’s (of related research papers and books)

    Right now for a class I am working on a giant research paper on this very subject. I chose it as my topic because I’ve been passionately curious since a friend of mine used blue cohosh to terminate a pregnancy. I’ll have to show you my paper when I am done.

  • mama says:

    ooohhh…i am serious like a heart attack. i would love love love any information that you could pass my way. i am ordering the two books by riddle as well as another one: Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods. and i would love to read your paper when you are done. what is your thesis? email me at primitivedragonfly at yahoo dot com if you need to attach info.

  • joankelly6000 says:

    My hope for the near and distant future is that, finally, any and all women who want abortions will be able to have them without delay or restrictions. Just reading that self-induced abortions are real and possible things gives me the most hope I’ve felt in a long-ass time. Thank you. xo

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