hope and hangovers

December 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

ok. you know what.  to all of those who last year called me and others –cynical, haters, etc. –because we were critical/refused to vote for barack obama because he was antithetical to our work for social justice and our love for ourselves and our family -biological and chosen. and now you are all disappointed and critical  in the change you got.  which looks like change and sounds like change, but turns out that it aint that much change in terms of policy…

here is the difference between you and me for the most part.

i actually listened to his speeches.

he is doing exactly what i expected him to do his first year.

he is doing exactly what he said he would do the first year.

barry is honest.

and yes he let progressive believe whatever their little hearts wanted.  they thought he was pro gay marriage.  against war.  and all about economic justice.  and other fantasies of the liberal mind.

are you feeling disillusioned.  feeling like you shouldnt have to fight so hard for what you thought was already guaranteed when he stepped into office?

feeling a bit…cynical?

oh. you wouldnt call it cynical.  you just got the reality check that it doesnt matter who is in office…the fight is always in the streets…i hear you.  its a hope hangover.

welcome.  welcome to my world.


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