i ching for a new year…

December 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

original photo by mitchie

picture of me holding my cannon camera to my eye, wearing my favorite t shirt of a woman with her fist in the air. it is a sister fire tshirt i bought at the incite conference in denver a couple of years ago.  i wish i had bought more sisterfire tshirts at the conference.

i ching for 2010

hexagram 35 progress

Like the Sun rising effortlessly upward at the dawn of a new day, you will find yourself elevated to new heights. This fortunate hexagram suggests career advancement and recognition for a job well done. Expect greater responsibility, prosperity and kinship. This is an opportunity to benefit others while experiencing your own radiance and splendor. Your inner nature grows in brightness and purity. This is a time of awakening to your life’s purpose.

changes into hexagram 40 deliverance

“Freedom from hardship” is the meaning of this welcome hexagram. Some challenges will still lie ahead, but the stage has been set for success. You have disentangled yourself from opposing forces. Your projects, ideas and dreams are destined to come to fruition. This is a time to rally your support base, and clear the air of any tensions and grievances. This is a time to forgive and forget. Let worries wash away like water.


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