icky sicky girls

January 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

ok so aza and i have been sick. it was me first. on nye and new years day. writhing in bed in pain. the intestines obviously disagreeing with some choices i have made recently.  and then aza started puking. and puking. and puking. and shitting. habibi has been an angel and a saint and a nurse all rolled up in one.

and then habibi mentioned that i might want to try taking medicine.  why hadnt this occurred to me? it turns out that there is medicine for when your intestines decides to revolt.

diax intestinal antiseptic = bliss.

do i sound like a commercial?

tonight i went out to the suq and walked along the nile.  there is such a difference between aswan and cairo.  aswan is so much more laidback. the streets are wider (and cleaner).  and folks here seem less…hungry.  desperate. grabby. more playful, relaxed, trusting. it reminds me of bethlehem, i told habibi.

i was going to upload pics tonight of my walk, but it turns out i left the usb cord in cairo.  so instead, i leave you with a small sketch of a mama breastfeeding.  her hair curling around her face like ribbons.


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