do not use google pics at 3 am…

January 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

btw. woops. i didnt do the drawings in the qabel post. i forgot that i have been posting up so much of my own work that folks may attribute those lovely drawings to me. no, i found them on google pics.

btw. if you dont want to go around fuming at 3 am about the incredible racist, sexist, colonialist, disaster porn way that people portray ethiopians. do not google ‘ethiopian women’ in google pics. just dont. trust me.

you wouldnt believe it from the internet, but when i was in ethiopia i saw a lot of well nourished, happy, apparently healthy women and children.

that is in part why i chose the drawings. even though they are done in that turn of the century colonialist style–they at least allow for the idea that these are independent people, with their own way of being and living that is not a pathology.

well colonialism goes in circles from liberal to conservative over time.

which reminds me. im not a progressive. because i dont believe that time and history act in a linear progression more than i believe that time is cyclical.  we are constantly re inventing the wheel.


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