lonely huntress at the sea

January 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

i wrote this for a zine this summer that i didnt publish. god, ive got loads of zines unpublished in my office. anyways i was revising the zine and decided to take it out because it wasnt really fitting with the rest of the pieces.  but i wanted to share it anyways.

it is about being at the red sea and looking over to the shores of palestine…

the heart is a lonely hunter

looking at palestine i felt like if i reached my arms forward far enough i could touch palestine. the soul. the smoke. the caves. crazy that i couldnt just take a boat or a swim or a plane. instead i was stuck on the other side looking in. but then i started looking beyond palestine. beyond borders. the same water that touched palestine touched my feet. the red sea. the red heart.

part of my experience of loving palestine is heartbreak. loving palestine emans loving a place that i cannot return to. and yet it is not a mythological place. not imaginary. and still it survives. broken and vilified.

palestine is a people and a dream. a yesterday and tomorrow and most importantly it is a homeland. home. land. now.

and when we return home. it will not be like mecca or paradise. that interior space will still be lonely. the best we can home for is a few moments. we will pierce the heart of another. we will pierce the borders and boundaries. and simultaneously we will be pierced and our hearts will become a sancturary for the forgotten, the survivors, the lovers and fighters. we will balance loneliness and love.

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