January 17, 2010 § 3 Comments


you can reach me by:

  • leaving a comment in the blog.
  • direct message me via twitter: guerrilla mama
  • facebook me.

i will be updating this blog about other events/projects going on.  but i will most likely not be posting up original pieces for a while.

i will continue to guest blog at flip flopping joy occasionally.

i am still accepting submissions to the outlaw midwives zine.  the deadline for submissions is february 14, 2010.

if you would like to post on raven’s eye please contact me and i will get you the info you need to post.

i will be focusing more time on writing, publishing, reproductive health, and surviving in this crazy world.  oh and love. radical love.

if you are looking for information on herbal/self-induced abortions.  the best places i have found online are:

sister zeus

and you can read online and download the excellent book, natural liberty.

i love you, ya ukhti.


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§ 3 Responses to ukhti

  • K says:

    I don’t have the ability to express how much I love your blog. You mentioned the anti-racism post at FFJ, and it’s true I loved that, but I’ve loved so much else here, too. The midwife advocacy, and me not even a parent–oh, and you knocked me out with the post about–ugh. I can’t find it, but I think you said people had asked you how you could subject your daughter to experiences like Israeli prison, and as I recall you basically were like, what are you doing, teaching your children to expect a neat and tidy life of safety?

    You send 50,000 volts through my brain regularly, is my point, and you got so much heart. Your writing has made me feel less lonely more times than I can count. That sounds inadequate, but it’s what I’ve got.

    As always, I will keep an eye out for you at FFJ. The nice thing about you doing this is I don’t feel entirely like, “Oh, what a waste,” because I know you go out there and talk to people, and who’m I to deprive them of more time with you like that?

  • twennytwo says:


    I was just seeing so many parallels between where you’ve gone and where I hope to begin, and then I clicked on the ‘home’ page and the first word was ukhti.

    so, salaam to you, and peace on your journey wherever you are; I hope to enjoy reading your archives and perhaps one day meeting you.

    ma salaama

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