alpha waves

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just read something fascinating on a list serve.  a way to relax during birth (and i assume other stressful, painful times).

draw a circle on a piece of paper.

then, hang a thread about 6 inches with a coin at the bottom of the thread. hold the thread between your fingers with the coin acting as a weight over the piece of paper.

and then keeping your hand still,imagine the coin making a clockwise circle using the circle on the paper as a guide. it may take a few false starts, but the coin will begin to make little circles.   then counter clockwise. its a kinda cool feeling once you get the hang of it.

this puts your brain in alpha wave state.

Alpha brain waves are seen in wakefulness where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness.

one would need to practice this and get comfortable with it before the birth.

do not use google pics at 3 am…

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btw. woops. i didnt do the drawings in the qabel post. i forgot that i have been posting up so much of my own work that folks may attribute those lovely drawings to me. no, i found them on google pics.

btw. if you dont want to go around fuming at 3 am about the incredible racist, sexist, colonialist, disaster porn way that people portray ethiopians. do not google ‘ethiopian women’ in google pics. just dont. trust me.

you wouldnt believe it from the internet, but when i was in ethiopia i saw a lot of well nourished, happy, apparently healthy women and children.

that is in part why i chose the drawings. even though they are done in that turn of the century colonialist style–they at least allow for the idea that these are independent people, with their own way of being and living that is not a pathology.

well colonialism goes in circles from liberal to conservative over time.

which reminds me. im not a progressive. because i dont believe that time and history act in a linear progression more than i believe that time is cyclical.  we are constantly re inventing the wheel.


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picture of about six small drawings of women and girls in 3/4 profile, some with cornrows and braided hair, some with their hair wrapped in cloth, some carrying children on their backs some wearing necklaces.

we are back from aswan. it was so sad to leave. so hard to pack up.

1. in the taxi on the way from the cairo airport. the driver asked me if my husband was american.


and you, he asked, are from eritrea?

i shook my head. no. amrika.

no. he said shaking his head. where are you from before?


no, he said, like obama, his father is from kenya, and you? your family is from…

amrika. all of my family is from amrika. we have lived in amrika for a long long time. i smile at him. i am like a cat with a mouse. patient.

he points to my daughter sitting beside me playing with her shoes. what is her name?


the look of utter confusion on his face was worth it.

when we got out of the taxi, i told habibi, he looked at me like i just told him i was part of the secret service…

habibi said: yeah well, you basically did.

2.  i look like i am from the horn of africa. so the folks from the horn tell me. you look like us. at first i thought that they were just saying that i was black skin like they are. and they were saying that. but they were saying something more particular for the past year that i hadnt really considered. no, you could be my sister.

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right hand

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foto henna on the right hand and wrist. by a man from luxor.  this time it is black henna.

and then he did. aza’s hand.

foto of aza’s hand with black henna.  at the center of the design is a dolphin.

right now her papa is painting her toes blood red.

baskets knives and boats

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top foto of nubian baskets and knives and necklaces hanging on a white wall

bottom foto of ferries and feluccas docked


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top photo is of the nubian house’s white roof with red, green and yellow trim

bottom photo is a street scene of aswan with a horse and carriage in the foreground.

christmas in the suq aswani

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foto of the top a xmas tree with a sign that says: merry christmas. and a star at the very top.  two dead fish hang by their mouths next to the tree.

feluccas aswani

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two fotos of feluccas, traditional egyptian sailboats, on the nile in the afternoon. trees in the background. b/w.

january 4 in aswan

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top foto of a three story house taken at night

bottom foto of a crocodile skull and a clay pot taken in the day

the ferry to elephantine island

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left photo of a sail’s reflection in the water

the right photo of the dock of the nile

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