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ah. deep breath. finally. new twitter account!

hit me up!

love and survival….


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ok for now, well for at least the past week, i am locked out of my twitter account. so if you have @ me…i didnt get it…sorry…i may be able to get back into my account…or i may have to start another one…not sure…

either way…if you need to contact me your best bet is to…

1. dm me

2. drop a comment here

3. email me

4. facebook me


outlaw midwives reminder

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hi there everyone,

just a reminder that the submission deadline for outlaw midwives is march 15.    so that is just a couple of more days.  if there is anything you would like to submit please drop me a line in the comments or email me.  if you have sent something and havent heard back from me yet.  drop me another line.  my email was acting super wonky the past couple of months and i am still recovering from it….

full submission guidelines here…

Mamaphiles, the mama and papa zine collaboration, announces issue #4, Raising Hell

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help us get this incredible zine printed!

Mamaphiles, the mama and papa zine collaboration, announces issue #4, Raising Hell

The collaborative effort of thirty-four zine-making parents, this fourth issue of Mamaphiles takes on the wilder side of parenthood – from toddler-chasing to rabble-rousing. “Children are natural born hell-raisers,” wrote Henry Miller. And as Mamaphiles’ writers can attest, raising them can be an act of revolution.

Raising Hell features stories of an activist family imprisoned in Israel and racial injustice in the U.S., as well as essays on the more quiet, inner struggles of parents striving to seek balance and creative expression, heal, make a family and support each other.

Mamaphiles was initially conceived in 2004 as a cooperative effort of the zine-writing mothers who congregated online at Thirty-three contributors took on the theme of “Birth” and the resulting 132-page zine proved so successful that two more issues were produced, Mamaphiles #2 “Cutting the Cord” and Mamaphiles #3 “Coming Home” .

Now, with Raising Hell, the Mamaphiles writers – each of whom produces a zine individually – have pooled their talent again to testify that while child-rearing may be hellish sometimes, it’s the most rewarding hell out there.


Trula Breckenridge/Positive Emergence

Mariah Boone/ Lone Star Ma

Charlie/The Nose Knows

Sky Cosby / Pirate Papa : An Anarcho-Green Journal of D(o)-I(t)-Y(ourself) Parenting

Robin Dutton-Cookston/Apron Strings

Kate Haas/Miranda

Heather Jackson/madiburl and mindfuck revolutions

Rahula Janowski/ Joybringer

Katie Kaput/ Night Cookies

Victoria Law/ Tenacious

Corbin Lewars/ Reality Mom

China Martens/ The Future Generation

Noemi Martinez/ Hermana, Resist

Lamesha Melton/ Cocoa/Puss Zine

Jessica Mills/ My Mother Wears Combat Boots

Tomas Moniz/Rad Dad

Angela Morrill/ I Always Wanted to Learn Tai Chi

connie murillo/ The Peep Show

Coleen Murphy/ Once Upon a Photobooth/the Mama Calendar

Celia Perez/Roots & Wings

redguard/Absent Cause

Nic Ramirez-Riesen/ LA DAMA ZINE

Laurel Ripple-Carpenter / CUNTastic!

Anna Rose

Brandon McClendon-Rose / VIVA LOVE

Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie/ Mother Nature

Raye Tibbitts/ Bad Mother Chronicles

Robert Trujillo/SS

Regina Walker / Recovering Me

Anna Westley/Habit

Mai’a Williams/ Revolutionary Motherhood Zine

Christina-Marie Wright/Gonzo Parenting Zine

Cover Art by: Rachel Galindo/Tenacious: Art & Writings by Women in Prison

118 pages, half size

Price: Sliding Scale $5-$7; Institutional Price: $10-15; Inquire about wholesale pricing

Mamaphiles is a non-profit project which strives to remain accessible to readers of all income levels/life circumstances. The cost of production, printing & postage comes to 5 dollars per copy. If you feel you can afford to give more than 5 dollars, please send what you feel is appropriate to support the project. If 5 dollars is out of your reach, talk to us.

The best way to order is via paypal, to:

Please indicate how many zines your buying or if the amount is a donation.

If paypal is not an option for you, you can send an email to the Pay Pal address above for information on payment alternatives.

– – –


This baby is ready to go! And will be headed out into the world as soon as we raise enough funds to pay for printing, so, my friends, pre-order your copy today!

WE NEED TO RAISE $900 dollars in 3 weeks to get our zine printed at (We have $750 already, the total to make 500 copies and ship is $1,650) When pre-ordering your copy, if you can donate any extra, 5, 10, 35 dollars, please do. WE CAN DO THIS!

gmm announces: the lilith plan

March 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

the lilith plan

i first got interested in self-induced abortions at the same time that i started to study midwifery.  to me its all about being willing to mother ourselves, our bodies, and our intuition.  throughout human history, around the globe, people have known how to not be pregnant.  we have used herbs, movement, light, scents, touch and whatever means were necessary to not be pregnant.  this knowledge isnt lost.  sometimes it is buried under the bones of folks who died in childbirth or bled to death from the complications of a miscarriage.  it has always revitalized itself nurtured by our desire to define for themselves what is freedom, mothering, pleasure, sacred, death and life.

so that is what i am offering us.  stories and practices in an effort to redefine our basic understanding of reproduction and life.

that is what the lilith plan is.  a celebration of our survival by any means necessary.

if you are interested in a private consultation please contact me.




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