our sister’s tattoo

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dear friends and familia,

we are raising 250 dollars to support our sister, aaminah, who, a few weeks ago, lost her best friend, ex-husband, son’s father, and compañero.

i love aaminah and eric’s story. it is a story that we dont often get to hear. a story of discovering who you are piece by piece and learning to reclaim your heritage in the face of a world that tells you to ignore who and where you come from.
when aaminah said she wanted to get a tattoo to memoralize eric, i knew that i wanted to help her get this tattoo. but she can’t afford it on her own. and i can’t afford it on my own. and so i am asking all of you to donate what you can for this ink and flesh memorial.
sometimes, life is really complicated. death is complicated. but a tattoo close to aaminah’s heart of her fallen companero is really simple.

please donate as much as you can. may we as a community hold her and her family in our hearts.

visit our sister’s tattoo and make a pay pal donation

in memory of him and in love for aaminah we are fundraising for her to get a tattoo in honor of his life. so that she can hold him close to her heart, always.

this is her sketch of the tattoo.

a dreamcatcher with a feather – signifying our shared Blackfeet/Blood heritage – surrounded by his name, which is in turn surrounded by the transliteration of the Arabic for “To Allah we belong and to Allah we return”, which is what we Muslims say in times of hardship, especially death.


the root of the problem

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from the o’odham solidarity across borders collective

In light of the state’s new attack of SB 1070 on migrant communities, OSABC would like to show a perspective and experience that is often overlooked in the immigration struggle, that being the indigenous impacts. Indigenous communities have, and still are being attack by the state (meaning the political entity, also called “government”) since the first migrants, European settlers, arrived to this hemisphere. But that, we already know. What OSABC would like to express is, WE ARE STILL HERE. As O’odham, we have seen our lands occupied by three colonial states (Spain, Mexico, and now the United States), and STILL, we have endured in the face of colonization. The very land that this bill was passed on, is still O’odham land! From the Phoenix Valley, to Scukson (Tucson is from an O’odham word), to Rocky Point, to the Sierra Madres in Mexico, this is O’odham jewed.

The passing of SB1070 leads us to the police state, and does not just affect migrants, it affects us all! SB 1070 like policies already occur on the Tohono O’odham Nation since the mid-90’s with the states push for immigration enforcement. Border Enforcement that would be a Berlin-like Wall through our lands to control movement. The current push for immigration reform by politicians and by reformist activists includes the push to secure “their” borders which would be the forced removal and relocations of all indigenous tribes that live in the border region (Yaqui, Lipan Apache, Mohawk to name a few). This dismissal not just shows the colonial attitude that both reformist activists and politicians have, but also the settler privilege that they evoke when constructing border policies.

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a couple of months ago there was a thunder and lightening storm for hours. i hadnt seen anything like it in cairo before. this is a desert city. rain that lasts for more than 20 minutes is an event. this is a picture from the windshield of our taxi as we sat on the road between zamalek and abdeen.


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orchid 1

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little snapshots from my office and the altar in it. decaying flowers. very baudelaire-esque.


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sunflowers 2

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sunflowers on my office windows


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orchid 4

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orchids from my altar.

on living in a police state

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(picture of collage of a tree and flowers and chains. it reads: border home lands)

so arizona decided to become a police state.  i have to minds about this.

on the one hand.  this is so fucked.  and if you are reading this blog im sure you dont need me to run down the list of reasons that this is so so so fucked.

on the other hand.  im kinda like–meh.  i mean, a police state is fucked.  dont get me wrong.  its just not unusual or abnormal.  ten years ago when i was living in nyc there was a law (maybe it still exists?) that you had to have your id on you at all times.  and the police could ask for your id at any given time.  and you would be charged if you didnt produce it.

and a couple of years ago in dc, the police roped off an entire section of the city, and created summer checkpoints and the law was  that if you didnt have proof that you lived there, or had a good reason for being there, you would be turned away.

and of course palestinians inside of israel as well as in the west bank and gaza have lived under a police state for decades.

oh yeah, and so do we, here in egypt.

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