it ain’t over.

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the mv rachel corrie, the last boat remaining of the freedom flotilla, is on its way to gaza.  the boat is two days away from the gazan coast.  it is an irish/malaysian boat.

it aint over.


if you are watching

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via jaded hippy and fuck yeah socialism

“If you’re watching this that probably means
that the flotilla has either been attacked or stopped at sea”
Pre-recorded distress video from a freedom flotilla activist. it’s a
call for civil society to mobilize support.

funny how i was just writing about this yesterday.  what support can look like.  and why it is important that we are willing to be creative enough to support each other.

gazan palestinians were waiting for the flotilla on the beaches.

and waiting for the rest of the world to give a fuck.

look into my eyes

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lyrics found here

(lyrics based off a poem written by a palestinian girl)

i heard the call to prayer echoing through the streets announcing dawn.

i was watching the live feed from the turkish boat – in international waters-  on the freedom flotilla.  the feed cut out.  and when it came back israel was attacking the ship.  i sat there watching as pictures came across my screen. bloodied pictures.  frightened passengers. israeli military. i could hear an activist on the ship yelling- 3 people are dead and 30 are wounded.

as i sat there for a minute trying to digest the news and pictures. aza toddled into the living room rubbing her eyes.  aza theresa.  i knew that i would hear no news soon on her namesake, theresa mc dermott, who was on the boats.  i dont know what woke up aza up. she normally sleeps for another 2 hours.  she refused to go to sleep.  we danced in the middle of the living room and built airplanes out of legos.  i watched for the live feed on my computer.  for the twitter hashtags #flotilla and #freedomflotilla.

the number of dead kept rising.

at this point i am supposed to, as a pro-palestinian activist remind you that palestinians live and die under the brutality of the israeli government everyday.  and this is true.  but frankly, for one post i am not going to linger there.

i am going to tell you about theresa.

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most gazans food insecure

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FAO says most Gazans ‘food insecure’

“Sixty-one percent of the Gaza population is food insecure,” Sarah Leppert, FAO’s communications adviser for Gaza and the occupied West Bank, said.

She also deplored the “rising poverty and unemployment, now nearly 39 percent.”


The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised concerns that malnutrition is more visible, citing increased cases of stunting, wasting and underweight children and continuing high rates of anemia among children and pregnant women.


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1. i am working on a piece of writing.  personal essay-like. and it is taking me forever.  the muse finally came back yesterday. and that has been a huge help after more than a week of writer’s block.

i have so many things i want to write.  things that are started but unfinished.  pieces that i love and want to finish.  a fairytale.  a book of poems. essays. zines. personal essays. etc.

but i can only stare at my computer screen for so long until my brain turns to mush.  this morning i was writing with the television on and that movie – a time to kill- was playing in the background.  and even though intellectually i know that movie is crap.  and i know that the racial analysis is ridiculous.  etc. i could feel myself, my emotions swelling and deflating along with the narrative.  damn, that fucking movie is moving. i got all teary when matthew mc conaghey gives his closing arguments. ‘and now imagine that she is white.’ ooooh…. my essay seemed quite dry and weightless in comparison. john grisham is a motherfucker.

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the least of it

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when i first joined the ngo to work in palestine, one of the questions that they asked me was: do you have a support community.

i answered honestly: yes.  i had founded a community art space that had brought a mix of folks from our local community as well as out-of-towners together.  vietnam vets, homeless, punks, hippies, preps, hipsters, college kids, dj’s, mc’s, performance poets, visual artists, musicians, etc. we were about multi media work, stretching the boundaries of what was expected and accepted in that conservative southern va town.  it was fun work.  it was, for better or worse, my community.

it wasnt until the end of my training that i realized that when they asked if i had a ‘support community’ they werent asking are there a group of people who love you and your work.  who come to your shows. who donate art to your space. who hang show posters in restaurants in their spare time. who pass out flyers. who make sure to introduce you to artists they think you will dig.who let me use their internet or their shower. who believe in what you do.

they were asking if there were a group of folks who would send money every month to the organization.  or at least off set some of the cost of my living, since my meager stipend was not going to cover my basic needs.

oh. well, im not sure if you caught the cadre of folks who i considered community, but for the most part these werent folks with extra cash.  i mean i guess i could have asked someone to spange up 20 bucks, but frankly i would have rather they used that money to buy a few beers.

anything else but money, they didnt consider to be ‘real support’.

stranger still this was an organization that claimed to support communities under the threat of violence, but was adamant about not being an ‘aid organization’. we didnt give money. at all. we supported communities in other ways, through connecting them with other ngo’s, through acting as a liason betw the community and governments, by accompanying the community, by doing media work for/with the community, etc.

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be mindful

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via nadia media/nosnowhere

As a fairy, not of this earth.
I must always be mindfull of the people I surround myself with,

Fairies have psychic neurons in their irredescent outer layer
Soaking up all the nearby impulses and energies.

That’s how fairies grant your wishes. We just know.

Because the space between us is not that far and nothing in between but thin

i needed to read this.  feeling so unfocused lately.  spinning w/o a center. easy to forget who i am.

technical difficulties

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-news out that the cyprus govt is reneging on a promise that they would allow the free gaza boats into cyprus waters so that a dozen members of the flotilla, who are now waiting in cyprus, can board the boats.

Organizers are appealing to the Turkish government to get the group out via a Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus port.

At least two boats of the “Freedom Flotilla” were experiencing technical problems, said Audrey Bomse of the organisation Free Gaza. An inspection of both ships discovered no technical lapses, leading to the suspicion of sabotage.

–one of the boats will not be sailing because of the technical difficulties and the 25 passengers were moved to another boat.

Flotilla organizers decide to delay sail (until saturday) towards Strip due to technical problem in one of vessels. Greta Berlin of Free Gaza Movement says boats to leave meeting point on Saturday morning in order to avoid Navy raid at night. After expressing doubts over report, IDF says prepared for ships’ arrival at any time

–follow the freedom flotilla live at witness gaza

–pic of boats waiting on the coast of cyprus to be allowed to dock and pick up passengers who are waiting for cyprus.

800 people, willing to spend two months at sea, so they can deliver aid to people they don’t even know

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i missed this article from last week in al jazeera english.

Ten thousand tons of cargo, 800 passengers, 50 nationalities, nine vessels – one aim – to break the siege on Gaza.

There are more than 20 charities partaking in one way or another in this flotilla -activists, humanitarians, politicians from the USA to Indonesia. If Israel were to prevent these people from entering or if it were to harm or detain them, Israeli authorities could very well find themselves embroiled in diplomatic disputes with up to 50 countries.


That’s 800 people, willing to spend two months at sea, away from their friends, families, and livelihood, so they can deliver aid to people they don’t even know.

(…)Furthermore, were the Freedom Flotilla to dock in Gaza, Arab governments would be severely embarrassed. After all, if a few hundred people can break the siege and help rebuild Gaza, why can’t some of the wealthiest nations and largest armies?

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latest news on the flotilla to gaza

May 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Reports coming from the Israeli Navy say they will jam the flotilla’s signals and communications, isolating those on board the ships, and barring the world from witnessing what could become a confrontation or prolonged naval stand-off.

The strategy of the Freedom Flotilla, however, is to resist any attempts by the Israeli Navy to hijack its ships or to divide cargo ships from passenger vessels.

“The message from Israel is clear: ‘We will stop you. And no-one can prevent us from stopping you.’ said Free Gaza chair, Huwaida Arraf.

“However, we will non-violently resist Israeli attempts to seize our boats. Thousands of people have contributed to making this flotilla a reality, and the people of Gaza are expecting us.

“We will not allow our flotilla to be divided. We will stay with our cargo ships – they are the core of the flotilla carrying essential construction materials denied entry into Gaza – cement, steel, and houses. This action is not a symbolic gesture but a concrete intervention to allow the people of Gaza to rebuild their lives with dignity’, emphasized passenger, Aengus O’Snodaigh, TD Sinn Féin party, Ireland

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