works in progress: dear ma’am

May 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

ive been editing some of the poems i did for napowrimo.  and thought i would share the works in progress. any and all feedback would be lovely.  poetry is a strange beast.  and i am too tired.

been working on poems, prose, photos and drawings as series and sequences strung together…

Dear Ma’am


fuck which is mightier

the pen or the sword

he might sleep without nightmares


I might keep paying his salary

we might have the same

great great grandmother

I know his accent

how things

are in the south

which base did he train at?

whose his commanding officer

and how the fuck can I get

his mama’s name

and address?

My Condolences

Ma’am, when he comes back

vapor light

periwinkle shadows

crush dandelions between his fingers

muttering: no time

he will ask you

for all that he used to love

hold each plastic action figure,

dark nipple,

hungry puppy now grown

in the crook of his arm

his nerves curling

away from the skin

and that feeling,

Ma’am, when you first

realized his sleepy head

looked like fresh dandelion,

he will never know

no matter how many children he claims

as his own

or shoots himself with a gold needle

or welds iron to this hand

determined to be a man


dandelion heads, interrupted

he grew up on the edge

of a small town

wore hand-me-downs

but never complained

built a rocket

for the fifth grade science fair

dreamed of going to the moon

my little girl moans

“Lay with me.”

I curl our bodies

smell sweet grass

in her fine hair

rustling like dandelions

his mama asks

what happened to her son?

my daughter is a mermaid

spring fever these past days

but, finally her sickness

falling away

Ma’am, he made a mama’s

dandelion head blow white

craters like the moon,

bodies leap

like gravity had exhaled

them into flight


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