the wheat from the chaff

May 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

sometimes i am so grateful for this lil space that is my blog.  honestly, i forget that other people read it at times.  but it is lovely when you do.  and i remember.

its funny, i met this amazing chica the other day.  she is from gaza and came through the tunnels seven months ago and now lives in egypt.

we met at a bar, a friend of a friend of a friend.  and we do the normal: where are you from?  she is from gaza. im from the states (no really, im from the states) and im like: what are you doing here from gaza? whats your story?

and she is like: no, you tell me your story first.

so, i do.

its a funny moment.  that happens a lot.  the moment when i have to make a quick decision what version of the ‘how i got to cairo’ story do i tell?

this time (like usual) i went for the blunt truth: was supposed to go to palestine, flew into tel aviv, israel put us in jail for three days, then flew us to amsterdam. a week later we flew from ams to cairo cause we had friends here.

this is a great way to divide the wheat from the chaff with people.  their response to this story really does determine how our relationship is going to go.

anyways, after another beer. she told her story.  she hates the hamas government. so she came through the tunnels to egypt.  also, her ex-girlfriend is sitting a couple of tables away and we are all to pretend that we dont notice her checking out her ex.

ah, i say, i am getting a pretty good picture as to why you dont get along with hamas.  😉

its all kind of funny you know.  im trying to get into gaza.  she wants to stay the fuck out.

we both hate the egyptian government.

a couple of days ago i told an ndn friend in convo, im a buffalo soldier.  im the colonizer.  and the colonized.

thats what kills me.  the gun.  not the (lame) horse.

when i said that tonight in another group, i realized how abstract it sounded out of context.  funny what makes it over the airwaves and what doesnt.

well,when  i tell the tunnel girl from gaza, that i was put in israeli jail, do you know what her response was?

it was: but, you have american passport right?

me: yep.

her: then why would they put you in jail?

me: cause they dont want us in israel.

her: but you have an american passport.

me: yep. and so does my baby and so does my partner, and all three of us and our american passports went to jail.

her: but.

me: welcome to israel.

her: welcome to egypt.

cause lets get real.  im in egypt legally.  and she isnt.

its not so abstract when you are face to face.

she orders another round of stellas.  and we talk about how her exgirlfriend caught her in bed with another woman.

as i try to figure out how to give her my gun.


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