look into my eyes

May 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

lyrics found here

(lyrics based off a poem written by a palestinian girl)

i heard the call to prayer echoing through the streets announcing dawn.

i was watching the live feed from the turkish boat – in international waters-  on the freedom flotilla.  the feed cut out.  and when it came back israel was attacking the ship.  i sat there watching as pictures came across my screen. bloodied pictures.  frightened passengers. israeli military. i could hear an activist on the ship yelling- 3 people are dead and 30 are wounded.

as i sat there for a minute trying to digest the news and pictures. aza toddled into the living room rubbing her eyes.  aza theresa.  i knew that i would hear no news soon on her namesake, theresa mc dermott, who was on the boats.  i dont know what woke up aza up. she normally sleeps for another 2 hours.  she refused to go to sleep.  we danced in the middle of the living room and built airplanes out of legos.  i watched for the live feed on my computer.  for the twitter hashtags #flotilla and #freedomflotilla.

the number of dead kept rising.

at this point i am supposed to, as a pro-palestinian activist remind you that palestinians live and die under the brutality of the israeli government everyday.  and this is true.  but frankly, for one post i am not going to linger there.

i am going to tell you about theresa.

in east jerusalem in the spring of 2004.  i was studying arabic and she had just arrived from scotland her first time in the west bank to volunteer with ism.  we became fast friends mainly because we were not fundamentalist christians and we smoked.  oh and she is one of the coolest people i have ever met. that unassuming confidence.  that brilliant smile.  that utter libra stubborness in the face of injustice.

she was my maid of honor when i got married. and jim, her partner, wore a kilt.  they looked like scotch fairies at the wedding.  one of my favorite memories.

and we have visited her and jim twice in scotland.  drank beers, lots of tea, smoked, cursed the israeli govt, road trips, laughter, heroes marathons, more laughter.

did i mention that she has a gazan passport?  given to her after the first time the boats arrived in gaza? yeah, she does.

i know, i say i have writers block, and then i keep posting blog posts.  but i am not writing.  i am saying these words out loud as my fingers type.  this is dictation of heartbreak.

she is just one of the 800 passengers on that boat.  and right now i pray that she is not one of the up to 20 reported killed by the israeli military, or the 50 wounded.  dear goddess, please no.

so please light a candle.  or sing.  or dance.  or build a plane.  or whatever it takes to pay attention.  and find a way to support the palestinians, the wounded, the dead, and the arrested passengers of the freedom flotilla.

for love.

for theresa. for the martyrs and the survivors.  for palestinians and those who stand with them.  for us.  always.

for our human beingness.

this is radical revolutionary solidarity.

check out news at witness gaza

al jazeera live blogging about the freedom flotilla


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