stark relief

June 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

theresa is back in scotland! woohoo!  exhausted, working the press (or the press is working her…)

the israeli military have stopped  the mv rachel corrie, the last remaining boat of the flotilla.  the israelis claim that they will deliver the goods to gaza.  but of course, part of the reason for the flotilla was to bring aid that israel does not allow into gaza, like chocolate and concrete.  so, it is a bit disingenous on the israeli/us side to claim that they are simply going to deliver the aid.  when the truth is they will only deliver the goods that they have deemed ‘allowable’.

looking at this from my perspective, a us citizen living in cairo, egypt, i can see how not only the us’s policies, but also egypt’s are crushing gaza.  as i have written before, egypt makes this blockade possible, by closing down the rafah border, building metal walls to stop the flow of goods from the tunnels, and in general playing footsie with israel.

looks like dr farouq, an egyptian mp, is organizing a convoy to get concrete and other building materials into gaza.

i am really surprised by the us media on the flotilla news.  i guess, i shouldnt be surprised how it was downplayed initially and then only caught the attn of the msm once israel started making statements and sending out edited videos.  but i am.  i am also surprised by the lack of coverage this has had in the woc blog world.  i hadnt checked my google reader since the flotilla set sail and when i did, and i went back a few days, there were so little about the flotilla.  part of me thinks that that means that it is not ‘really that big of news’ and only seems important to me because of my history, connections, and location globally.  but wait, no. it was big news in europe, middle east, africa at least.  what i think that this silence and skewedness points to is how irrelevant the us is becoming.  like, big news can happen, and us citizens are the last to know.  and even when they find out, they get the least credible perspectives. which i guess just points to the dangers of us-centrism.  it makes one blind.

because honestly, the israeli attack on the freedom flotilla is a watershed moment in history.  for better or worse, whether it strengthens israeli occupation or gazan freedom.  there are moments when we get a chance to put our shoulder to the wheel and push the world on it axis.  more and more of the world have become sickened by the imprisonment of gaza and the west bank.  and i wonder if israel will bring the us down with her when she self-destructs.

i wonder if we understand that all empires fall.

our work is to stop the violence of the empire.  our work is to stay awake when the powers that be tell us to sleep, because they will insure our security.  our work is to remember where we come from and envision where we are going.  our work is to speak truth.  to know and act as if only our lives and our love will protect us.   our work is to love those who we have never met.  to laugh and sing with joy and beauty in the midst of tragedy, never forgetting the pain.  to be authentic.  to be connected.  to be alive until we are not living anymore.

as much heartbreak as i feel for those who died, for their families and their loved ones, i feel clarity about what is our work in this world.  death has that capacity to make life appear clearer in stark relief.


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