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hey i forgot to mention.  ive been guest blogging at feministe for the past few days.  it has been enlightening.

end of the week random links…

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some random notes:

cuntastic blog linked to this awesome looking childbirth education class in florida.  has me dreaming about creating a radical childbirth education course.

The POWERful classes are innovative and off the beaten path of standard childbirth classes because they serve a dual purpose. The first is to share information with women about their pregnancy, birth and postpartum so that they can make informed and empowered decisions about their health and the health of their baby. The second purpose is to introduce women to social justice organizing so that they can impact positive change as leaders in their communities.

The classes, which were also offered last year at Power U, will cover topics ranging from birthing options, nutrition and breastfeeding to reducing toxic housing conditions, improving neighborhood schools and negotiating fair rent prices.

“I feel more respected in these classes,” stated one class participant, who is also a teen mom.

–this weekend i am doing the printable pdf for outlaw midwives zine.  pulling out my geometry brain…any help in this arena would be much appreciated…

–aza insists on being called: princess mafina or amira mafina.  but not aza.  definitely not aza.

–midwife pamela on fb linked to this article:

Don’t Judge Pregnant Women Based on Junk Science

This is especially true when it comes to pregnant drug using women. For nearly two decades popular media claimed that any illegal drugs used by pregnant women would inevitably and significantly damage their babies.

The actual scientific research contradicts this assumption. Carefully constructed, unbiased scientific research has not found that prenatal exposure to any of the illegal drugs causes unique or even inevitable harm. This research is so clear that that courts and leading federal agencies have concluded that what most people heard was “essentially a myth.” As the National Institute for Drug Abuse explains, “babies born to mothers who used crack cocaine while pregnant, were at one time written off by many as a lost generation. . . .  It was later found that this was a gross exaggeration.”

–some of these notes may develop into blog post.  or maybe not.

–i am basically nanowrimo-ing a memoir and then after a couple of weeks seeing if it is worth working on.  i had just figured that i didnt have the emotional energy to do it.  but i hate having something sitting there undone staring at me.  me, unsure if it works or it doesnt.  so i am writing my ass off and then when i am done, i can see what the next step would be.

anyways the writing reminded me of living in the woods reading the peace pilgrim.  and how reading her little book really did act as a guide for how to live in this world as a free person no matter what.

–oh there are a couple of awesome posts on checking dilation during labor without a vaginal exam.  lovely.

this one…

and this one…

–i will write soon about the viva palestina september/october convoy to deliver aid to gaza.  but here is the link to it for now…

–while the more that i learn about the placenta, the more amazed i am by it, i am not sure if i could knowingly eat placenta lasagna.

–aza is running around with a can of tuna.  habibi is cooking potatoes.  it is july in cairo and the heat swims in the air like a prayer.  i can drink smoothies all day.  mornings are chaos here.

outlaw midwives sticker

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available soon through thaura zine distro

eta: click the link here to download the sticker. you can print it out on sticker paper 8 1/2 x 11. there are four to a page…

(in order to insure that they fit four to a page, download the doc and print from the download…)

link to outlaw midwives sticker

joy in zine making

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what i have loved about doing the outlaw midwives zine:

–sister/contributors in the zine finding out about one another and beginning to work together for reproductive justice

–a document that proves that working class and women of color do see ‘natural birth’ as a tool for the liberation of our people

–white birthworkers and mamas beginning to look at ‘natural birth/parenting’ fromoutside of  the perspective of white centered/dominated discourse

–four contributors who identify as muslim (fuck yeah!)

–folks asking about contributing to volume 2

–folks asking themselves what does ‘outlaw’ mean in terms of reproductive justice and natural birth movement

–getting to use the printer/scanner/and copier all on one project.

–aza discovering what a zine is

–getting ideas for new stickers and stencils

–working with amazing women globally on reproductive justice and health

this free heart is beautiful and breathing

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its weird in the past few weeks i feel like i have been people’s punching bag.  like whatever choices i have made, am making, will make are wrong.

it turns out that i should be ashamed at being at a bar while my partner and daughter are at home.  and i should be ashamed that i take my kid to a bar.  and ashamed when i dont want to be at a bar.  i dress wrong, my hair is wrong, my conversations are wrong, i talk to the wrong people, and i dance with the wrong people, and my writing is irrelevant, and i should be writing more, and im lazy,  i should leave my entire life and get myself in a zen monastery. i should be more grateful for this life i have. i should be ashamed that i plan to go to gaza and i should be ashamed that i’m not in gaza.  and i should ashamed that my kid eats mc donalds.  and i should be ashamed that she eats street food.  and i live to safe and comfortable as a dull housewife.  and i dont live safe enough in this dangerous baladi neighborhood, putting my daughter in danger.

and i could go on, but im sure you get the picture…

but there was something really good i got out of all this negativity…

i had to take a good hard look at my life and see what did *i* think of it.   was i happy?

and the answer, once i got down to the root of it, was — fuck yeah. i love my life.

i am ecstatically in love with my life when i let myself be so.  and i have been taught, and allowed myself to believe that i didnt have a right to be in love with my life unless everyone else was too.  i had given over an incredible power to ‘everyone’.  to determine when i could be in love with life.

when in reality.  my life is fucking awesome.  and the second that i stopped looking for a solution to my ‘problem’ and i stopped feeling like i have to be dissatisfied.  i have to be angry.  i have to be scared.  because that is how responsible, respectable people are.  they are worse than their lives, worse than whatever has happened to them.  they dont deserve to be free or happy.  until they have achieved xyz.

and i dont know why people want to convince me that im not happy.  but there is really nothing in my life i need to fix. or improve. not even me.

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outlaw midwives zine is here…

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outlaw midwives zine is here!

it has been an honor to get read so many beautiful stories, poems, essays from mamas, midwives, doulas, students, unattached women. thank you. and i am so excited to share it with all of you…because revolutionaries are born everyday…

soon i will be posting a pdf version so that folks can print it out themselves…

and more options to enjoy the outlaw midwives zine are coming soon…

and the call for submissions for outlaw midwives volume 2 will be posted soon, so if you weren’t able to submit to this zine, don’t worry, you can get another chance

online you can read it here: http://issuu.com/maiamedicine/docs/outlaw_midwives

to do

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to do list:

rescan the outlaw midwives zine in a lower dpi

finish the aza zine

work on memoir

finish call for submissions

make stencils and upload design onto google docs for thaura zine distro


write poems

drink water

clean office

learn more about the placenta

never forget who i am

people searched for…

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guerilla mama medicine

georgia okeefe

placenta medicine

marijuana and morning sickness

mama tattoo

how can someone have a self induced abor

poison as medicine

i cant afford an abortion

“crisis in the crib”

poison as medicine

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aaminah highly recommended this interview and i found it online.  really beautiful conversation between alice walker and pema chodron

Pema Chödrön: Is there any use in suffering? I think the reason I am so taken by these teachings is that they are based on using suffering as good medicine, like the Buddhist metaphor of using poison as medicine. It’s as if there’s a moment of suffering that occurs over and over and over again in every human life. What usually happens in that moment is that it hardens us; it hardens the heart because we don’t want any more pain. But the lojong teachings say we can take that very moment and flip it. The very thing that causes us to harden and our suffering to intensify can soften us and make us more decent and kinder people.

That takes a lot of courage. This is a teaching for people who are willing to cultivate their courage. What’s wonderful about it is that you have plenty of material to work with. If you’re waiting for only the high points to work with, you might give up, but there’s an endless succession of suffering.

One of the main teachings of the Buddha was the truth of dukha, which is usually translated as “suffering.” But a better translation might be “dissatisfaction.” Dissatisfaction is inherent in being human; it’s not some mistake that you or I have made as individuals. Therefore, if we can learn to catch that moment, to relax with it, dissatisfaction doesn’t need to keep escalating. In fact it becomes the seed of compassion, the seed of loving kindness.

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outlaw midwives zine coming soon…

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coming soon to a computer screen and mailbox near you. outlaw midwives zine. featuring visual art, poems, essays, and practical tips from women globally. about abortion, pregnancy, birth, and babyhood, colonialism, structural violence, anti-oppression work, and revolutionary love. stay tuned!

zine will be available for free online in a couple of days. and for a reasonable price a limited edition print copy will be available starting in early september.

btw aza says hi. 😉

distro’ed through thaura distro

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