joy in zine making

July 21, 2010 § 3 Comments

what i have loved about doing the outlaw midwives zine:

–sister/contributors in the zine finding out about one another and beginning to work together for reproductive justice

–a document that proves that working class and women of color do see ‘natural birth’ as a tool for the liberation of our people

–white birthworkers and mamas beginning to look at ‘natural birth/parenting’ fromoutside of  the perspective of white centered/dominated discourse

–four contributors who identify as muslim (fuck yeah!)

–folks asking about contributing to volume 2

–folks asking themselves what does ‘outlaw’ mean in terms of reproductive justice and natural birth movement

–getting to use the printer/scanner/and copier all on one project.

–aza discovering what a zine is

–getting ideas for new stickers and stencils

–working with amazing women globally on reproductive justice and health


§ 3 Responses to joy in zine making

  • Br00ke says:

    I second the fuck yeah especially. And Aza–do you know there is/was an unschooling type school whose focus was making zines? That’s how the kids learned stuff, they made zines. I wish I could find it again but googling “zine” is so distracting–lol, I haven’t found it yet.

    • mama says:

      yeah the muslimahs rule. if i wasnt an atheist i would be a muslim chica. and the unschooling school making zines sounds fucking awesome! god, i have a dreams of starting a unschooling co-op, there was one in the twin cities that was amazing…okay im going to try googling it…wish me luck…ha ha

  • August says:

    I just found you and your zine today through Feministe. I just wanted to say that I LOVE what you are doing and that I’ve added you to my blogroll. You are doing awesome, powerful things and as a fellow WOC who has birthed and is raising another WOC, I thank you.

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