July 31, 2010 § 7 Comments

hey i forgot to mention.  ive been guest blogging at feministe for the past few days.  it has been enlightening.


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  • oh wow it’s been somethin’. i have found it educational (in the same way it’s educational watching the progression of an unpleasant chemical burn working its magic upon your hands) watching the comment count rise to the hundreds on your posts with most of them some version of “but but but you’re not grateful for what feminism did for you?” or “how dare you let bfp say ‘fuck feminism’!’?

    nope not me not s’much.

    i gotta give it to you for keeping on in the face of so much ‘you are not welcome here’. and to cara and chally and jill for trying to sweep back the tide.

    strength and ferocity, mamé

  • cicely says:

    i’ve been following it, too. the silliness of the clusterfuck has amazed but not surprised me. and, it’s been awesome to see people work through their discomfort and get it. reading your blog has revealed to me so much about my fucked-up, oppressive assumptions and judgements about what “that mother needs to do” and what is “appropriate” for kids; i think it’s great that some other people are getting that chance.

  • Amy says:

    Also found my way here through your posts on feministe. The amount of ignorance and reading comprehension fail going on over there is breathtaking
    (although unfortunately not surprising). I have really appreciated reading all your writings. Thank you for braving the inevitable storm.

  • 11 says:

    hey there mama, i’ve recently come across your blog and wanted to ask permission to link to it in my blogroll. my writing can be found over at http://elevenoclockalchemy.wordpress.com/

    i’ve been working on a piece of writing for about half a year about the ‘population’ question, the word breeder, how communities of resistance show mothers/families support, what a lack of support looks like and means, and intergenerational movement building. my friend alerted me to your writing and it is a breath of fucking fresh air, and a huge help to me in crystallizing my own thoughts. thank you so much.

  • vikki says:

    Just read your post about abortion and choice (I’m mangling a summary of it, I know) and I wanted to say here “Wow” and thank you for sharing that. (And I’m hoping that those 89 comments about your post are positive and fantastic and that everyone else is saying, “Wow, thank you for sharing that. I never thought of the issue in that light.”)

    hugs from this side of the ocean,

  • katiee says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for all you’re doing at feministe, and I’m sorry you have to deal with all of the awful comments.

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