to do list

August 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

to do

finish essay on birth and death

blog for ramadan

work on a couple of submissions for the month of august

get call for submissions for outlaw midwives vol. two out

get fotocopies ready for thaura zine distro

doodle and draw more

write up reflections on blogging at feministe

get my mind in the mode of ramadan…im still not there yet…although i can smell it in the air

clean house

laugh more

find a new awesome apartment and move in

answer emails

update thaura distro blog with pics of ‘how i make a zine’

finish the aza zine: diaries of a bad ass princess

eat a wonderful fucking meal

make stickers: ‘outlaw midwife at your service’ and ‘7,000,000,000 broken hearts’

still working on stencil idea

and not being so hard on myself.  letting go of perfectionist ideals that i try to fit myself into.  and letting mistakes flow as easily as successes.  cause without mistakes, we die.  mistakes are often a good enough reason to live.


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