August 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

this is about me.  not you.  not her.

i had to get to the point where i wasnt afraid of being triggered.

i still get triggered.  but i had to see that while being triggered is so painful.  that is what it is: pain.

i couldnt go about my life hiding from being triggered.

nor could i expect that the world would protect me from being triggered.

i had to get to the point where i knew that no matter how much pain it was, no matter how much i screamed and yelled and cried, no matter how much i shook and banged my body against the walls, that this was just pain.

just pain.  pain is a part of life.

just fear.

everyone has their own path. and this a step in mine.



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  • Aaminah says:

    oh thank you so much for saying this.

    i am so over discussions/accusations of “triggering” in the internet world. i am constantly triggered. i don’t tell people to stop telling their story because it triggers me. i choose carefully what/when i can handle reading.

    life is triggering. imagine that. because life is painful. la vida es dura. we KNOW this. disenfranchised/oppressed people know it especially.

    i choose not to hide in room refusing to do anything, refusing to live, because of triggers. i mean, there are times i wish i had the privilege to do so, to completely avoid triggers. and i believe that it is a valid choice for people to do that when/if they can. given the opportunity, i would take such a temporary break. but in general, my life is triggering and i keep on going. thru the triggers, thru the pain, thru the difficulty. there is no way around it.

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