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wrote a small post for outlaw midwives blog just looking at where i am on the midwifery journey.

here is an excerpt:

i think of midwifery kind of like babysitting.  i am a pretty good babysitter.  i like kids.  i am creative and energetic and calming at turns.  i also know cpr and basic first aid.  but if the kid falls and breaks her leg i am calling 911.  yeah, it is also probably good that i know a good amt about child psychology and biology.  so i dont think that a three year old having a temper tantrum is the end of the world.  also so i know what are the signs if something is really wrong, a fever that just gets higher, a story that sounds like abuse.  but its pretty intuitional though no matter how much knowledge and experience i gain.  and the most important thing is that i respect kids.  i respect their voice and their experience as is.obviously really bad things can happen to kids.  and if you babysit long enough you will have your fair share of stories.  but thats life.  life is unpredictable.  and because kids are alive, are in life, there is no guarantee of safety.

and there are plenty of babysitters whose attitudes toward kids just make me cringe.

yeah i think the analogy works for a large part.

we need a movement…

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i have a post up at the unnecesarean

here is an excerpt:

for a lot of birthy white folks, writing a post about racism is the ‘i voted for obama’ card.  it is what they can point to, to prove that they aren’t really racist.   it is their way of not engaging critique and challenge to their white identity.

truth?  i really don’t give a damn if you are an ‘informed about racism’ white person.  i care about maternal and infant mortality rates for black folks in the states.  about palestinian women being denied the right to adequate health care during the childbearing year.  about the 80 percent c section rate in chiapas and oaxaca, mexico.  about imprisoned folks giving birth while being strapped down.  about forced sterilization for maquiladora workers.

how do we stop these atrocities, these genocides that are happening to those with the least amount of access and resources?

Ntozake Shange School of Literary Thought

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letter from sistergirl iresha,

I started a black women’s writer collective earlier this summer called “Ntozake Shange School of Literary Thought” (named after the author Ntozake Shange “She who walks with Lions/has her own”) and we spent most of the summer reading a lot of great texts by Black feminist authors and writing through various exercises. One of the woman suggested that we write our Yoni )meaning our Vaginas) Narratives (think Vagina Monologues, but with more color!) and we compiled them into a pamphlet. We have hard copies with a pretty lilac color as well…Please circulate and pass along!!!

Iresha Picot, M.Ed
Urban Education: School to Community Partnerships, Temple University ’09
Applied Behavioral Analysis/BCBA, Post-Masters Cert., Arcadia University ’11
“Activism is my rent for living on the planet.”
— Alice Walker

ntozake shange school of literary thought presents: the space between: yoni narratives, vol 1for the online version click here

the dream character

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you know how some people just need to make you ‘the enemy’ just because?  like, they start interpreting what you do through their need to blame someone for their pain and suffering?  and you are the lucky target this time?

it comes out like jealousy, like silence, like passive aggressive ness.  like delusion.  yeah, we’ve all done it.

yeah, me too.

so when i see this happening, i just remind myself, its not about me.  dont take it personally.  that is the path they are on.  and right now that path includes this fictional dream character that they have created, which has some characteristics similar to ‘me’, but dont have a damn thing to do with me.

and when they are ready to wake up, then there will be no ‘they’ and no ‘me’. no dream.  it will just be.

guilty pleasure

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this song is my guilty pleasure.  it is not guilty because it is sung by a 9 yr old and is about hair.  but because my daughter would LOVE to be able to whip her hair, but her curls are going to have to get a bit longer before she can do that.  in the meantime i spend a lot of time telling her how gorgeous her hair is.

on the other hand, this song is sung by a 9 year old girl, with a cute ass mohawk.  so maybe it would be good for babygirl to watch willow and see that no matter if your hair is long and short, you can whip that hair…

one woman standing behind another in a line of solidarity

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what revolutionary community love looks like…
We may not currently have the might of the Israeli army nor the power of traditions confining us in certain roles, however, we know that one woman standing behind another in a line of solidarity is a force more powerful than both.

– Keifah Addera, At-Tuwani Women’s Coperative

Dear friends and supporters of At-Tuwani village,

We would like to invite you to support a force more powerful than violence: the voices of Palestinian women. In late November 2010 , Humanity Together will host Keifah Addera and her husband Nasser on a speaking tour in Italy. Keifah will be speaking about the experiences of women in At-Tuwani as they nonviolently resist both the Israeli occupation and sexism. We hope that you will consider financially supporting this exciting project.

The people of At-Tuwani have often told their allies that the most important way we can support their struggle is to share their stories in our own communities. Keifah Addera, the organizer of the At-Tuwani Women’s Cooperative, is a powerful voice uniquely able to speak about the resistance of Palestinian women. While in Italy, Keifah will speak about the effect of the Israeli occupation and settler violence on women and children in Tuwani as well as the women’s cooperative’s work for justice and gender equality. Keifah’s husbandwill speak about his experiences as a prisoner in Israeli jail after being arrested for his participation in nonviolent demonstrations. Keifah and Nasser will present at the annual Italian Pax Christi peace conference as well as other public meetings in Rome, Trento, Ravenna, and several other locations.

Few Tuwani residents are as experienced in speaking with visitors as Keifah. She often hosts groups in Tuwani and has a rare talent for creating relationships with the people she meets. For this reason we are excited by the opportunities for building international support and women’s solidarity that this trip will provide. We are trying to raise 2,500 euros to cover the cost of flights, visa procedures, lodging, transportation in Italy, and food expenses. To donate, follow this link to our Pay Pal. Thank you so much for your support

In solidarity,

Humanity Together


stardust suspended

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It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded, because the elements – the carbon, and nitrogen, all the things that matter for evolution and for life – weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars. So forget Jesus. The stars died so that you could be here today.

–Lawrence Krauss

to me this is mystic atheism.  the sacrifice of the stars, how tiny we are, how insignificant our ego games are, the remembrance that we create dreams that make us the center of the universe.  but the universe has no center.  and our culture seems to be dreaming that humans, esp. a certain type of human, is so important, so invaluable that some higher being would never let us destroy our own landbase, would never let us fulfill this suicidal run, this game of chicken we are playing with time.  but, look.  we live on a piece of dust.  the only thing that can stop us from blowing ourselves away, is ourselves.

to do list

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–send interview questions for outlaw midwives

–finish essay on palestine

–answer emails

–start studying arabic again

–go out taking pictures

–finish reading birth as american rite of passage

–make collages/drawings

–dont take it personally

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“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Life is either a grand adventure or nothing ….”

–helen keller

the witness

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the witness

The Witness

George Gurdjieff, a Russian philosopher-mystic, noted that if you set an alarm clock at night in order to get up early to get some work done, who you are in the morning when the alarm goes off is quite different from who you were the night before.  In the morning you might even say, “Who the %X**!! set that alarm clock?”  A moment’s reflection will show you that you play many roles in the course of a day … and that who you are from moment to moment changes.  There is the angry you, and the kind you, the lazy you, the lustful you — hundreds of different you’s.  Gurdjieff points out that sometimes one “you” does something for which all the other “you’s” must pay for years or possibly the rest of this life.

Each of these “you’s” reflects an identification with a desire, or a feeling, or a thought.  If, as we have seen, the work is to break these identifications, we can work effectively throughout each day by making each of these “you’s” objects, i.e., by breaking the identification with each of them.  This is not so easy.

There is one technique which is known as adopting the role of the witness … and holding on to that role … ultimately to the exclusion of all other roles.

Who is the Witness?

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