living off slaves

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let me make this clear.

if you have ever gotten money through luck.

no, scratch that.

if you have ever gotten really lucky about money.  i mean hit the lotto, hit the jackpot, hit the trust fund, hit the inheritance, hit wall street and had a lucky run.  if you have ever made money by not working.  but through gambling or fortuna.

especially if you have made a lot of money that way.

then you have no right to tell anyone how the fuck to earn or spend their money.

feel me?

because you didnt earn yours.

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outlaw midwives zine vol 2

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hey just a reminder…

call for submissions for the outlaw midwives zine vol. 2 is in full effect.

focusing on pregnancy, birth, and the baby year

for and by: mothers, friends and allies of mothers, doulas, midwives, birthworkers, childbirth educators, childbirth advocates,

intention: to create a zine for pregnancy, birth, and the first year of motherhood centering the lives of working class, marginalized mothers and birthworkers.

submit: photos, drawings, visual art
poems, essays, fiction and non-fiction
tips, suggestions, lists of resources

check out the outlaw midwives manifesta and website:

outlaw midwives: creating revolutionary communities of love

—click the link above to read the full call for submissions

blog posts i am not going to write

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1. about tim wise’s ridick over at racialicious.  because there is nothing really i can say.  he’s been doing this work for a while.  if he was really interested at this time to understand the ways that his work can and does undermine anti racism work, then he would already understand it.  i am sure that this is not the first time he has heard these concerns or stories.  its not because they dont exist, its because he really doesnt give a fuck at the moment.

2. the controversy over whether birth rape is real.  because when you claim that birth rape isnt real, then you are undermining anti rape work, by creating artificial constraints and parameters on when rape can and cannot occur.  cause while rape may or may not be about sex, it is always about power.  and once again, he cant really be a rapist, because he is an upstanding helpful member of society.  its a basic denial of rape culture.   but if you cant think in terms of culture, interlocking social systems, historical patterns, power analysis etc.  all this just went over your head, so. you know.  whatevs.

:::and scene::::

remembering the sun

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oh i love this zine from bfp.  god, i carry it in my backpack.  i am so grateful that i have gotten to read it.

do you have the patience

to wait until your mud

settles and the water is


can you remain unmoving

until the right action

arises by itself?

–tao te ching

oh.  i am trying to learn to stay still and let the clear idea come.  so often i want to push and figure it out and rationalize when all of that is just distraction from the fact that the truth will come when it comes.  and i wont see it any quicker with all this thinking and worry and pushing and angst.

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oh things i want to point you to..

because sumayyah said so zine!

a collection of the awesome sumayyah’s poetry, short story and lists.  exploration of being a contradiction in many people’s eyes, but staying true to herself.

read it online here


fear, hope, and justice zine!

aaminah’s gorgeous zine, an anthology of thoughts and poems in memory of Oscar Grant and other youth we have lost in this world that is hostile to brown people and dangerous for our children. this zine features three poems by Aaminah, and poetry by Mai’a, Sumayyah Talibah, Noemi Martinez, CripChick, and Monchel Pridget, as well as a short essay by Brooke Benoit. interspesed thruout is art/photography and quotes from women who wrote immediately after the Oscar Grant trial verdict.

the zine is available to view/download FREE online HERE. (you can view it online but the print is smaller that way. if you prefer/need real-size print, there is a button above the image where you can download the pdf instead.)

if you would like to purchase a paper copy of the zine, the cost is $3 if purchased in conjunction with anything else from the distro, or $4 if purchased alone (to help with the postage). please make payments via Paypal to

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