blog posts i am not going to write

September 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

1. about tim wise’s ridick over at racialicious.  because there is nothing really i can say.  he’s been doing this work for a while.  if he was really interested at this time to understand the ways that his work can and does undermine anti racism work, then he would already understand it.  i am sure that this is not the first time he has heard these concerns or stories.  its not because they dont exist, its because he really doesnt give a fuck at the moment.

2. the controversy over whether birth rape is real.  because when you claim that birth rape isnt real, then you are undermining anti rape work, by creating artificial constraints and parameters on when rape can and cannot occur.  cause while rape may or may not be about sex, it is always about power.  and once again, he cant really be a rapist, because he is an upstanding helpful member of society.  its a basic denial of rape culture.   but if you cant think in terms of culture, interlocking social systems, historical patterns, power analysis etc.  all this just went over your head, so. you know.  whatevs.

:::and scene::::


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