living off slaves

September 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

let me make this clear.

if you have ever gotten money through luck.

no, scratch that.

if you have ever gotten really lucky about money.  i mean hit the lotto, hit the jackpot, hit the trust fund, hit the inheritance, hit wall street and had a lucky run.  if you have ever made money by not working.  but through gambling or fortuna.

especially if you have made a lot of money that way.

then you have no right to tell anyone how the fuck to earn or spend their money.

feel me?

because you didnt earn yours.

you didnt earn it.

you just got lucky.

and 99 percent chance that lucky money was stolen from poor people who couldnt defend their resources.

and it wasnt so lucky for them.

that is the system.  steal from the poor to give to the rich.  we live off of slaves.  we dont really have a choice in the matter at the moment.  so you see, you may have it, but you didnt earn it.  cause you can’t earn slave labor.

hell, even if you worked for it (and btw you got pretty lucky in getting a job in the first place…just saying) you still didnt earn it, cause no one deserves slaves.

no one.


so if you didnt work for your riches.  then you doubly didnt earn it.

and you are living off slave labor.

and you can stop judging the rest of the world on how they earn or spend their money.

oh and btw,  this isnt me hating on you. im not jealous of you.  im not jealous that you have more slaves than me.

trust me on that one.


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