remembering the sun

September 13, 2010 § 1 Comment

oh i love this zine from bfp.  god, i carry it in my backpack.  i am so grateful that i have gotten to read it.

do you have the patience

to wait until your mud

settles and the water is


can you remain unmoving

until the right action

arises by itself?

–tao te ching

oh.  i am trying to learn to stay still and let the clear idea come.  so often i want to push and figure it out and rationalize when all of that is just distraction from the fact that the truth will come when it comes.  and i wont see it any quicker with all this thinking and worry and pushing and angst.


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  • averyloulou says:

    i needed these questions so bad today that it hurts to receive them! i am trying to think of ways to practice waiting, practice patience. when i read your quote “so often i want to push and figure it out,” i read it as literally trying to push and figure the mud OUT of mind, body, spirit to arrive at clear water prematurely, whereas really the important thing is to realize clear water will always have settled mud below it. and that just takes time. and practice.

    i’m a real fucking leo and one with a “negotiator” personality type to boot! knowing when to stay still is something deeply philosophically important to me but my body and mind rebel against it so much.

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