the dream character

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

you know how some people just need to make you ‘the enemy’ just because?  like, they start interpreting what you do through their need to blame someone for their pain and suffering?  and you are the lucky target this time?

it comes out like jealousy, like silence, like passive aggressive ness.  like delusion.  yeah, we’ve all done it.

yeah, me too.

so when i see this happening, i just remind myself, its not about me.  dont take it personally.  that is the path they are on.  and right now that path includes this fictional dream character that they have created, which has some characteristics similar to ‘me’, but dont have a damn thing to do with me.

and when they are ready to wake up, then there will be no ‘they’ and no ‘me’. no dream.  it will just be.


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