we need a movement…

September 30, 2010 § 6 Comments

i have a post up at the unnecesarean

here is an excerpt:

for a lot of birthy white folks, writing a post about racism is the ‘i voted for obama’ card.  it is what they can point to, to prove that they aren’t really racist.   it is their way of not engaging critique and challenge to their white identity.

truth?  i really don’t give a damn if you are an ‘informed about racism’ white person.  i care about maternal and infant mortality rates for black folks in the states.  about palestinian women being denied the right to adequate health care during the childbearing year.  about the 80 percent c section rate in chiapas and oaxaca, mexico.  about imprisoned folks giving birth while being strapped down.  about forced sterilization for maquiladora workers.

how do we stop these atrocities, these genocides that are happening to those with the least amount of access and resources?


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§ 6 Responses to we need a movement…

  • Paco says:

    A. I was reading this post and some quote by obama at the same time and got them confused and suddenly thought obama had become awesome all of a sudden. But alas…

    B. “…the 80 percent c section rate in chiapas and oaxaca, mexico…” holy fucking shit…

    • mama says:

      ha ha ha…i just have this image of obama being like ‘i give a damn if you are an informed white person’. he promptly is shot from the back. no one every finds the killer.

      yeah, i didnt learn that c section rate until we were living in chiapas and i went to visit the alternative birth clinic in the city and was like…woah…also in chiapas hospitals when women go into the hospital in labor they are not allowed to be accompanied by anyone including her partner, mother, sister…nobody.

  • Jill says:

    Thank you so much for guest posting, Mai’a.

  • darkdaughta says:

    I’ll go over and have a look at your post. I’ve only recently become aware of unnecesarean.

  • Red Pomegranate says:

    Hey, I would love a citation for the info on the Chiapas. Not that I doubt you, man that is atrocious. I want to know more, do you have links?

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