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September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

wrote a small post for outlaw midwives blog just looking at where i am on the midwifery journey.

here is an excerpt:

i think of midwifery kind of like babysitting.  i am a pretty good babysitter.  i like kids.  i am creative and energetic and calming at turns.  i also know cpr and basic first aid.  but if the kid falls and breaks her leg i am calling 911.  yeah, it is also probably good that i know a good amt about child psychology and biology.  so i dont think that a three year old having a temper tantrum is the end of the world.  also so i know what are the signs if something is really wrong, a fever that just gets higher, a story that sounds like abuse.  but its pretty intuitional though no matter how much knowledge and experience i gain.  and the most important thing is that i respect kids.  i respect their voice and their experience as is.obviously really bad things can happen to kids.  and if you babysit long enough you will have your fair share of stories.  but thats life.  life is unpredictable.  and because kids are alive, are in life, there is no guarantee of safety.

and there are plenty of babysitters whose attitudes toward kids just make me cringe.

yeah i think the analogy works for a large part.

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