my birthday wish

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so today is my birthday.  yay me!

and i would love it if you would donate to/support: a force more powerful than violence: the voices of Palestinian women

“We may not currently have the might of the Israeli army and the power of traditions confine us in certain roles, however, we know that one woman standing behind another in a line of solidarity is a force more powerful than both.”
–kefah, speaking in at-tuwani village, west bank, palestine

kefah, a sweet friend from the village of at-tuwani in the southern west bank is invited to speak in italy in late november.  but in order for her to be able to travel – for the first time outside of the west bank – we need to raise money.

i wrote a bit about kefah this summer on feministe:

i met kefah in the fall of 2004 under horrible circumstances. we were living in the southern west bank. and a couple of international friends had been walking with palestinian children passed an israeli settlement, when the israeli settlers jumped out of the woods and beat my two friends down. luckily, the kids weren’t physically hurt, but they were scared, very scared. but my two friends were taken to the hospital with a punctured lung, broken knee and arm, and psychological trauma. so i and a couple of other internationals who were living in palestine went to at tuwani and walked with the children the next day passed the settlement. and the day after that.
those kids were amazing. they faced death just so they could go to elementary school.
the israeli soldiers told us that if the settlers attacked us, they would not protect us. and we believed them since a lot of the soldiers were from neighboring israeli settlements.
at night we slept in the women’s museum, a palestinian women’s craft co-op started by kefah.
kefah is amazing. she is a wife, a mother to four sons, a self-avowed feminist, a leader in her village, a visionary, a business woman, a community organizer. when i think of revolutionary motherhood, i think of kefah.
and she has a great raunchy sense of humor.
kefah expanded for me what i understood motherhood to mean. well, actually not just kefah, a lot of palestinian women did that for me. women who daily confront israeli soldiers just so they can work in their fields, harvest plants, leave their house, go to the clinic, go to the neighboring town. women who do it with a babe riding on their shoulders. women who do it with little money and a lot of strength. women. who. do. it.
dont get me wrong, i dont romanticize living under an occupation. its not pretty. its too little food, and too many people dying. its your husband, your son, your father, your brother in jail and you trying to figure out how to get the money to get him out, if that is even allowed. its eid under curfew. its watching your house be demolished simply because it was standing and then rebuilding it just to watch it be demolished again. its your mosque, your school be demolished. apartment buildings being shelled. its never having enough. its living on the breath of survival. its life. and its painful.
revolution aint pretty and it doesnt come cheap.

that is where you come in.

the folks who are organizing the tour are amazing activists.  worked in the west bank for years with kefah and her husband, nasser. i know them and have worked (and drank) with them personally and can tell you that they know what’s up. they have worked in the village with kefah for years, have strong ties and really do follow the leadership of the community.

so please, please support kefah’s work.

if the links arent working for you please donate money through pay pal — c_carp2 at yahoo dot com  —

with love.

i ching for the 31st year on this planet

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my birthday is in a few days.  and so i toss the i ching toward the next year.

I Ching Hexagram: 11

Name: T’ai.

Keyphrase: Peace and tranquility.

Formed By The Trigrams: Earth over Heaven.

Overview: T’ai relates to harmony. Everything should currently be going well. Don’t take it for granted though. Examine all the aspects of your life and see how that harmony came about. Nothing is permanent of course, and this is no less so for T’ai. Enjoy the peace and harmony around you. T’ai is a very auspicious hexagram and indicates a successful time of life.

changes to:

I Ching Hexagram: 62

Name: Hsaio Kuo.

Keyphrase: The preponderance of the small.

Formed By The Trigrams: Thunder over Mountain.


General: An accumulation of small victories is the best way to achieve greatness at this time.

Love: Strengthen the love in your relationship by attending to the small details.

Business: The smaller details of a project need to be focused on to achieve great success.

Personal: Personal success can be achieved by focusing on the more mundane aspects of life.


Overview: Hsaio Kuo appears when there is a need for you to temporarily from trying to attain a great success in one fell swoop. Instead, you need to concentrate on lots of small successes to achieve the overall great success. Hsaio Kuo is all about strength gained from the smaller aspects of life. Although it is not an auspicious time for very ambitious projects that does not mean that progress cannot be made. Progress is more than possible, but only by taking one small step at a time.


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new post at outlaw midwives:


i mean the term ‘radical’ attached to ‘doula’ or ‘midwife’ has so little meaning.  ‘radical’ seems to mean, i support unassisted birthing and women’s choice.  but there is no analysis attached to this word ‘radical’ — its a lifestyle choice.  it isnt invested in dismantling the abusive structures that are at the root of the violence in n american birth culture.  feel me?  most of the birth workers that attach the word ‘radical’ to their title are really primarily dedicated to ‘choice’ to those women who have access to that ‘choice’.  with a few crumbs doled out — like charity — to those most marginalized.  that is just not good enough for me.

poor man’s gold

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poor man’s gold
squeezing blood from the water, they shell fat and muscle slow roast their own limbs caught on film organs drying like deserts sweeping out the plains

today a man who used to catch vertebrates for dinner squeezes gold dust from black heart-shaped rocks for a living

the summer’s heat burns soles tar sticks earning a wage to die for

good night that black fish closes its eyes and never opens them again
no one fiddle while fires tear the city sings along with the t.v. theme as the credits roll up the poor, the dust, leaving nothing for the fire to feed on

just a mirage when he breathes just the silence staring where the waters used to be touching the sun

the ninth star

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The Ninth Star


When the hurricane hit New Orleans black and white newspaper image in my coworkers hands. Her black curls, her white skin. I went back to sipping black coffee in a white mug and only said, my family’s from there but thats another story, Yankee.

This story the tiger who pulled me to his bed and made me forgive him like pretty princesses always.

The ninth ward is gone now overgrown with blue trees. put the earth in my pockets and hide from the bad dreams.


I hear you got oil in the bay now seeping into earth making eyes glitter. Dont forget me, girl, now that you’ve become rich.

You know they used to call your coat black gold you black like me now you old.


The earth is not the only who knows my name and I too will be called like star to gravity like milk to pink teeth thy will be done new orleans gone.


My skin drifts light in the winter like the color is trying to escape.


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turns out that the pic in the last post is of britney spears and is something to do with pro life.  huh.  thank god im not politically correct or i would probably take the pic down.  instead i think its a pretty strong representation of birth.  and decontextualizing the pic, remixing it, and using it to talk about birth rape seems like a form of redemption for it.


for anarcha

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i wanted to record this conversation that folks were having on tumblr about birth rape a few weeks ago.  jezebel published a piece called, what is birth rape? amanda marcotte wrote in response an article entitled: birth rape experiences arent rape. tracy clark-flory writes on salon about ‘the push to recognize birth rape‘.

i admit i am annoyed that someone had to write a ridick article in one of the big blogs in order for folks to start talking about what is birth rape, but i am so glad that some of my favorite bloggers stepped up to provide some kick ass analysis, historical perspective, common sense, and good doses of snark in response to the birth rape denialism (yes, its not just a dehumanizing idea, its an ideology) that has been running rampant over the interwebs.

so below the fold, some beautiful life affirming analysis on birth, rape, motherhood, silencing, denial, feminism and healing.

with much love.

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its not their fault.  its just that most people never really grow up.  instead they believe the lies that they are told.  the lies that we all are told.  that mesmerize us day after day in the media, common sense, just the way that society is structured, the way our rituals are structured  — all of it pointing away from the truth.

some people manage to grow up, wake up in some areas of life but not others.  like, i have talked to poets who can talk about language, the artistic process and they will be so awake, so aware, so here.  and then i ask about their wife and they become petty and derivative.

everyone has their triggers, the things that make them become hypnotized by the lies and the ego and the pettiness.  they grow out of some triggers.  they gain others.

i dont think that there really is  such a thing as willful ignorance.  i think people know the truth, they really do, until they get triggered and then they can’t bear to look.  it is too painful.  it is instinctive to turn away.  suddenly a conversation or an action becomes an issue of ego survival in their eyes, it feels as traumatic as life and death, acceptance or ostracism.

of course that is the lie.  it isnt life or death.  just ego.  just the sense of self.  dying.

sacrifice the ego and again and again and again.  in order to see the truth.

its not their fault.  they just didnt know to sacrifice the ego.  so they keep believing the lies.  that they can hurt you and it wont hurt them.


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