October 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

its not their fault.  its just that most people never really grow up.  instead they believe the lies that they are told.  the lies that we all are told.  that mesmerize us day after day in the media, common sense, just the way that society is structured, the way our rituals are structured  — all of it pointing away from the truth.

some people manage to grow up, wake up in some areas of life but not others.  like, i have talked to poets who can talk about language, the artistic process and they will be so awake, so aware, so here.  and then i ask about their wife and they become petty and derivative.

everyone has their triggers, the things that make them become hypnotized by the lies and the ego and the pettiness.  they grow out of some triggers.  they gain others.

i dont think that there really is  such a thing as willful ignorance.  i think people know the truth, they really do, until they get triggered and then they can’t bear to look.  it is too painful.  it is instinctive to turn away.  suddenly a conversation or an action becomes an issue of ego survival in their eyes, it feels as traumatic as life and death, acceptance or ostracism.

of course that is the lie.  it isnt life or death.  just ego.  just the sense of self.  dying.

sacrifice the ego and again and again and again.  in order to see the truth.

its not their fault.  they just didnt know to sacrifice the ego.  so they keep believing the lies.  that they can hurt you and it wont hurt them.


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