i ching for the 31st year on this planet

October 13, 2010 § 4 Comments

my birthday is in a few days.  and so i toss the i ching toward the next year.

I Ching Hexagram: 11

Name: T’ai.

Keyphrase: Peace and tranquility.

Formed By The Trigrams: Earth over Heaven.

Overview: T’ai relates to harmony. Everything should currently be going well. Don’t take it for granted though. Examine all the aspects of your life and see how that harmony came about. Nothing is permanent of course, and this is no less so for T’ai. Enjoy the peace and harmony around you. T’ai is a very auspicious hexagram and indicates a successful time of life.

changes to:

I Ching Hexagram: 62

Name: Hsaio Kuo.

Keyphrase: The preponderance of the small.

Formed By The Trigrams: Thunder over Mountain.


General: An accumulation of small victories is the best way to achieve greatness at this time.

Love: Strengthen the love in your relationship by attending to the small details.

Business: The smaller details of a project need to be focused on to achieve great success.

Personal: Personal success can be achieved by focusing on the more mundane aspects of life.


Overview: Hsaio Kuo appears when there is a need for you to temporarily from trying to attain a great success in one fell swoop. Instead, you need to concentrate on lots of small successes to achieve the overall great success. Hsaio Kuo is all about strength gained from the smaller aspects of life. Although it is not an auspicious time for very ambitious projects that does not mean that progress cannot be made. Progress is more than possible, but only by taking one small step at a time.


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§ 4 Responses to i ching for the 31st year on this planet

  • Kai says:

    Happy early birthday, Mai’a!

    An auspicious toss. The first hexagram suggests to me you’re in a good place inside yourself which you’ve worked to get to, with yin ruling over yang which is harder than it sounds and which generates harmony. The second hexagram suggests to me that you’ll meet the most success by patiently focusing on getting small things just right, not so much on the Big Heroic Life’s Mission To Right The World’s Wrongs type of thinking. The changing lines suggest to me that even as you focus on seemingly small things, you’ll have power to influence people and events through a certain generosity and flexibility which creates magnetic effects even as you go about your practical business. I predict great things for you this year and into your 30s, though I recommend forgetting that I said that, if you know what I mean. 😀

    • mama says:

      thank you. yes the space to work on the small things, details, specificity sounds lovely after the past couple of years. i mean i usually think in big heroic life missions, ever since i was like aza’s age. but actually my contribution is quite small.
      right now i am drinking cranberry and vodka. the vodka is cheap and reaks like watered down gasoline. ive got tiny art projects in my head. little songs.
      it kind of reminds me of birth (okay so i spend a lot of time reading about childbearing…ahem…) during the pushing stage. and the baby feels so so big, huge, breaking out into the world. but then you see the baby, and it is so so small.
      but honestly lately i just dont have big dreams the way i used to. is that a function of getting old?
      most of the people i am around are in their twenties. i honestly have no real idea what to do with 31. i kind of just want to be timeless, you know?

  • mama says:

    oh but you know…maybe its not that i dont have big dreams anymore, its just that they dont seem so big. like i remember when going to palestine seemed like a huge undertaking. and now i am planning to go to gaza and it will be a good trip, but it doesnt feel huge.
    size is relative. you know?

  • dbsm says:

    donde estas?

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