resisting the twin injustices

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Greetings supporters of at-Tuwani,

We are pleased to report that Kiefah and Nasser’s 2010 Italian
speaking tour is moving ahead!  Kiefah and Nasser have received visas and are scheduled to arrive in Italy next week.  They will stay in Italy for just over a week and are scheduled to speak in public
meetings and with women’s groups in a different city every day.  The
tour will begin in Verona (with a public meeting organized by an
Italian NGO and the participation of Germana Nijim, former CPTer) and end in Rome.

Kiefah is ready and eager to share her experiences in resisting the
injustices of both sexism and the Israeli occupation.

Thanks again to all of you who have helped make this tour happen and who continue to support the people of at-Tuwani.  We will continue to send you updates as the tour gets underway!

Joy, Piergiorgio, and Kristin for Humanity Together, Italy


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always remember the genocides eco-cides happening

we must discover new and old ways to revitalize the earth or we shall perish

this division that we make in our discourse and activism between nonviolence and violence is false.  in reality our definition of violence is ‘stuff that the powers that be dont like’.  and that is not a helpful paradigm for determining what tactics we should use for our survival.  not only is it not helpful, it is contributing to our own demise.  taking nonviolence as a fundamental dogma is an act of suicide and a support of the genocide of others.

we cannot run away from trauma, because this culture in and of itself is traumatic.  our brokeness, traumatized selves, can be used by us to further destroy ourselves, or can be used as a way to let the love in and out.  we can breathe in the brokeness and breathe out the love, and vice versa.  we can see that we are all broken.  all traumatized.  all struggling.  all suffering.  we become broken when we believe the lie that we are better or worse (more or less important) than others.  which has me thinking about a post by bfp (i cant find it now) where she says that she doesnt like the word ‘healing’ because it assumes that we once were whole.  and maybe we were born broken, maybe there is no ‘wholeness’ to return to.  we are born broken.  we are told this lie of hierachy and separation from before birth.  see the violence of the childbearing year.

something i learned from my teacher.  dont call yourself a ‘healer’.  no one can heal anyone else.  everyone must heal themselves.  all we are a ‘good set of hands’.

i dont know why putting lists on the internet calms me down…

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what i want to write about:

–connections between the earth, birth, self care, community health, living in the miracle, anti-civilization, rasta feminsim, and the cosmos

–my experience both as an aami student and as a mamma primitiva student

–my life in cairo.  this is hard because i dont want to tell stories that are not mine to tell, and i do want to share and record this beautiful world that i live in.  and what i see and learn.  and unlearn.

–poems, haikus, tankas, series of poems, books of poems, memoir poems

things i am interested in learning more about:

–the connx between reflexology, acupressure, and the childbearing year

–how to bring down civilization quickly (you know the quicker it falls the better it will be for all of us)

–photoshop (i finally have it on my computer, but wow is it a little intimidating!)

–garage band


books i want to finish reading:

–birth as an american rite of passage

–sophie’s world

–healing sex

–theatre of the oppressed

–prophet of zongo street


things i want to do more:

–imbibe less sugar

–drink more herb tea (especially ginger tea.  am loving it in the cooler days)



–write poems

–take beautiful photos

–sticker bomb the city (oooh i met another sticker artist!  he is an amazing graphic artist.  love)

–twist my hair up

–call my grandmother

–keep falling in love again and again and again

so much things to say right now…

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wow so so much has happened in the past few weeks.  i am srsly just catching up.  so we shall see where this goes…

–you can follow the tumblr

–i am sad that this chica, kat, went back to london and the states.  she was good for my soul here in cairo.  an outlaw girl.

–i witnessed my friends birth in a pool in their apartment.  their son was born in the caul at one am.  it was such a beautiful, magical birth.  and he is such a cute newborn with a head full of hair and a quizzical look on his face.

nanowrimo.  i am still behind.  but getting there.  this story is taking off in places i did not expect and i admit it is scary to let go and just ride.

–did i mention i have amazing friends?  really i do.  they are so full of heart and verve and fight and smarts and tears and gods and devils and water and fire.

–eid is coming. the air is cool. the sacrificial animals are being groomed and fed.

–i am loved.  truly truly loved.


thaura zine distro on the move

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so i was kind of surprised when i found out that aaminah was leaving thaura zine distro.  especially since i found out by reading her blog and she had given me no indication beforehand that this was what she was going to do.

the distro was originally set up so that aaminah would be able to handle the mailing since i have major difficulties mailing from egypt.

but luckily after a bit of research and some working out the figures, i can run the distro on my own with the help of a few friends.  so please excuse the orders being late, there has been a lot of shifting around lately and i am just trying to keep up.

if you ordered stickers i will reimburse your order, because i can no longer distro stickers.  i will instead put the stickers up as pdf’s for free download.

so now you know really as much as i do.


and love.

we are

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living in the miracle.

thank you

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for all of your contributions to the a force more powerful tour.

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