i dont know why putting lists on the internet calms me down…

November 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

what i want to write about:

–connections between the earth, birth, self care, community health, living in the miracle, anti-civilization, rasta feminsim, and the cosmos

–my experience both as an aami student and as a mamma primitiva student

–my life in cairo.  this is hard because i dont want to tell stories that are not mine to tell, and i do want to share and record this beautiful world that i live in.  and what i see and learn.  and unlearn.

–poems, haikus, tankas, series of poems, books of poems, memoir poems

things i am interested in learning more about:

–the connx between reflexology, acupressure, and the childbearing year

–how to bring down civilization quickly (you know the quicker it falls the better it will be for all of us)

–photoshop (i finally have it on my computer, but wow is it a little intimidating!)

–garage band


books i want to finish reading:

–birth as an american rite of passage

–sophie’s world

–healing sex

–theatre of the oppressed

–prophet of zongo street


things i want to do more:

–imbibe less sugar

–drink more herb tea (especially ginger tea.  am loving it in the cooler days)



–write poems

–take beautiful photos

–sticker bomb the city (oooh i met another sticker artist!  he is an amazing graphic artist.  love)

–twist my hair up

–call my grandmother

–keep falling in love again and again and again


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