dont let me be misunderstood

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

contracts into a fist the heart is a lonely hunter but i am coming for you in the midst, said you’d be back in a minute. Forget it. Now you are in the concrete block bereft, sailor, you hated when i told your story but now whose words are left?

sometimes only the broken know how to be an angel

My daughter is talking to me, the dust storms rattle the trees against the windows, she keeps asking me questions that i cant answer why is it purple what is music what is wrong

the wave you are riding is crashing into me. I am more questions than answers.  more more breath than body

Love letters angry letters disappointed letters, your letters are digital sparkles flashing across the black black sky, if i keep writing letters to you, will they keep you alive?

you asked me once, you dont believe i have a soul? No, you are one.

You said you wouldnt steal from me again. You said. And then you walked out of my room with a shard of a promise. Cause you cant break something thats already a million pieces on the floor.


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