lessons learned in 2010 to be carried into the future

December 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

–dont compare yourself to others.  if you are going to compare, compare who you truly are to who you are pretending to be

–age aint nothin but a number (getting down aint nothin but a thang?)

–haters gonna hate

–no really.  haters. gonna. hate.

–we are living in a miracle

–sometimes taking pharmies is exactly what you need to get yourself back on track

–no one can make you angry, happy, sad.  you do that to yourself.

–to be a good writer, read good writers, to be a better writer, read better writers

–abstract expressionism lives

–karma is a bitch

–internet activism can be just as relevant as any other form of activism.  the question is how far outside of your comfort zone are you willing to go for freedom?

–if it aint about freedom and love, it aint about me.

–dont give a damn about your bad (or good) reputation

–dont dim your light, cause other people around you are insecure.  they wont get more secure, just because you are less bright.

–no one will love you more than you love yourself

–whip your hair

–to be happy, give happiness

–just breathe

–look for the details, always.

–follow your inspiration

–never be ashamed to be a revolutionary

–the world’s shit is not your fault

–actually, my poems, my lines, my images, are at the same time free and welcome to benefit all and are sacred and i own them…dont use them in a way that i did not intend out of respect for my time and energy and talent and willingness to be that open to the multiverse….


§ 2 Responses to lessons learned in 2010 to be carried into the future

  • Hello,
    I loved this post.
    I met you the day before yesterday at the L-Gorea (don’t know how to spell), the café-bar with other palestinians and other expats. You wrote this address in a piece of paper and came to visit.
    Great blog.

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