dont believe the hype. no body is free…yet

December 19, 2010 § 1 Comment

what i am interested in is what will happen, how will we survive, how will we build community, after this empire falls.  some folks are predicting that china or india will create the new empire.  i say, no.  i say, i dearly hope no.

was sitting at the bar with a few kids, economics majors, and we get on the topic of palestine.  i can still see them pulling out the old cards, like, you have to agree that hamas is…blah blah blah…

hamas is…what? democratically elected?

what do you think of the fact that there is one jewish state, but more than a dozen islamic states?

i say, if israel wants to put itself on par with islamic states, fine, but dont let it claim to be ‘the only democracy in the middle east.  you cant have it both ways.’

but at this point, it is not israel or hamas or any govtmental regime that concerns me.

what concerns me, is what does survival look like?  when the soil is gone?  when pollination is gone?  when the sky is no longer blue?

what does survival look like for women who look like me?

what does palestine look like, when there is nothing left?

and i think about my daughter.  growing up in egypt.  surviving the fall out cause the very trees themselves are not really alive.  what does her survival look like?

a couple of weeks ago, was having a convo with a friend who is palestinian, and he was talking as if palestine is the only struggle left.  i turned to a mutual friend who was friend from nigeria.  tell me about the biafra war, i said.  and it turned out he was biafran.  and for the next hour he filled us in on the 50 past years of biafra.

what, said my palestinian friend, what is biafra?

dont believe the hype.  no one has the last struggle.  this is our struggle.  nothing unique except our lives.

give me a country that doesnt have political prisoners and i will give you paradise.

give me a country in which women dont fight for their basic rights to walk down the street as they wish without death/rape threats thrown at their heads.

give me a country where poets are heroines, where dancers are goddesses, where laughter is worth more than a signature on a contract.

dont believe the hype.  aint nobody perfect cause aint no body free as nina tells us.

but i believe that freedom is possible with imperfect people.

and love is what you give, not so much what you feel.

and freedom is possible.

and freedom.


§ One Response to dont believe the hype. no body is free…yet

  • darkdaughta says:

    ha! i was talking to my finnish afro cuban lover about biafra a few days ago. i’m not nigerian but i was told about the war and about that struggle by an ibo. so true. there are liberation struggles being fought and won and lost all over the planet. it behooves all of us who care about the whole planet to learn more about the histories and herstories of all its resisting rebellious peoples especially since those we struggle against are increasingly hooked up and linked up.

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