some notes on a revolution…

February 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

also wrote this a few days ago:

—honestly, i LOVE that there is no leader of this movement.  i think that the lack of up-down leadership is one of the strengths of the movement, not a weakness.  because there is no single leader, no political party that can claim this movement as its own, millions (srsly millions) of people can and do participate from all walks of life.  when i walk through the crowds in tahrir sq.  it feels like everyone is making this movement their own.

—i am not really concerned with what happens next.  i say let this moment be what it is.  it is too beautiful to destroy with our need to control it by forecasting the future.  two weeks i knew no one who thought that a little protest on police day could come so close to bringing down not only the egyptian govt, but spark other govts as well to make concessions to the ‘will of the people’.  we can live inside this moment of uncertainty.  we can be ignorant of what to do next.  we can take a deep breath and trust that if we have gotten this far into a revolution we will know what to do when it is time to act.  im not against organization.  i just dont think that organization needs to be imposed on an organic process.  let us remember that chaos creates its own patterns that we cannot predict but we can appreciate the beauty and symmetry.

—ok and fuck mubarak’s concessions.  let me make this clear, if the people decided, okay, mubarak is going to step down in the fall, so lets just go home and be glad that we made the impact that we did, the next few months would be a reign of hell.  mubarak would have no accountability.  and most likely he would arrest, terrorize, destroy every activist, protester, revolutionary that he and his secret police could get their hands on.  revenge.  he would get revenge.  the state violence during the summer would reach levels that i dont want to imagine.  no. no. no.  furthermore, he would reify a system in which he still had influence and control over the govt.  and the elections would be rigged.  his party, the ndp, would win.  of course.  no. no. no.  this is a revolution.  mubarak and his govt and his cronies have to go.

time’s up.

game’s over.

system down.

—personally, and this is just me, i speak for no one else, as an international, a us citizen living in egypt, i feel compelled to stay.  for so many reasons.  but one reason that burns brightly is…look, a lot of us americans come to egypt.  work, study, live.  for years.  because egypt was a stable country.  whatever violence was happening was not a concern to us citizens who were protected.  our tax dollars paid for the stability.  that stability that we enjoyed was based on the violence, structural and direct, that the egyptian and refugee people endured.  and now that people are saying, no more, no more violence, no more mubarak, leaving because it is no longer that stable safe space seems, for me, hypocritical.

i benefited from the violence, aka stability, of the mubarak regime.

if i thought that aza was in danger, then i would leave.  but she is not in danger.

she is getting to see what freedom looks like.  close up.  on the ground.  in the air.

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