notes on a (continuing) revolution

February 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

–there are a bunch of thoughts running through my head about the ousting of mubarak and suleiman (omg we did it!) and how the revolution continues and how a lot of analysis i am reading coming out of the states doesnt seem to take into account that the revolution is not over to those who are most relevant in the discussion — the freedom fighters who put everything on the line to bring us to this huge first step.

–which leads me to thoughts about how i am getting exhausted by reading analysis by people who write as if they know what is needed next.  all yr predictions were wrong so far, a month ago egypt wasnt even on yr radar, and now you know what folks here need to do to be free?

–really havent been able to write properly lately.  they just come out as little sketches and notes.  still processing a lot of it–mentally physically emotionally.

–there were a few moments when i was afraid.  when the gunshots got too close.  too many friends getting arrested.  walking on october 6th bridge in the middle of the afternoon during clashes.  aza telling me she had a dream that she was shot by the police, but then she flew into the air so they couldnt reach her…

–there were many many moments when i was amazed, and filled with wonder.  when we took over july 26th bridge from the police despite the tear gas and riot cops gear.  the community members organizing themselves to defend their neighborhoods.  h, who spent days and nights at tahrir, after the police beat him and broke his leg while they imprisoned him for four days after jan 25.  he had a cane, a cast, a lap top, his guitar, and a bag full of change.  the way my friends just took care of the freedom fighters, journalists, artists, protesters — they basically ran a guest house for two weeks, free of charge, with much love, and a good dose of alcohol.

–so much thanks to jo and kelsey who did free babysitting for us while we cal and i went down to tahrir.

–i know.  in my bones.  what freedom feels like.

–seeing anarchy and chaos at work.  beautiful.


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