we had to destroy the village to save it

April 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

we had to destroy the village to save it

save us.  the guns hit the jaw and we all fell down.

nothing soaked in blood and saltwater, nothing breathing in the wind, nothing living under the trees

the babies are dust and we are the original sin

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i lost

you in black space blue stars red metal singing, go

i ran, the spinning nucleus, forgiveness so desperate the hunger bit off my wings

navy blue boys in starched pants, the stench of the streets, blood dripping from their fingers, soldiers have to eat meat

i am still here, still spinning, still glancing across the sky, wondering about you rolling away like a dirty quarter i cant reach

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it finally occurs to me the male ego is ridiculous this is why they run in packs

me, mama wolf running with kin nothing but sand where the cedars stood and stars cliche like me dreadlocked writing about seeds planted for freedom

the heart found shells she listens to in the middle of the city black sea salt black lost the black tongue teeth and gone

cause nothing saves you but your own paw

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