i listen to the silence

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nothing lasts, not mosquitos sucking the blood from the tip of the skin,

not icebergs erupting into fire and mountains

everything changes from red to green and back again.

from heaven to this humus body

what does that mean now?  spring has come and my brown body erupts into gunfights and golden nuggets thrown at sling shots

we talk about the revolution like seeing a double rainbow on a dry day

a red rose, a white jasmine, a black kiss

talk about it like migrants talk about night, black spray paint to hide the bruises

self destructive, running into the middle of soldiers and tanks with flip flops and beer

listen to the wind and then run the opposite way

kick, fall and get up again

refuse the poison they feed the suburbs and ghettos, kids growing bold before their time

listen to the silence of mosquitos and spring


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i want this to be, yes

i want this to be space and hunger, fuck and forgiveness

and i want this to be stronger than death

but my skin constantly peels away

and i am left like an apostrophe without a possession to my name

April 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

tell me what is so confusing about a necklace of jasmine and red carnation

a pink barrette tangled in dreadlocks

a yellow tube of raisin lip gloss

the traces of mosquito blood on a dirty palm?

we had to destroy the village to save it

April 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

we had to destroy the village to save it

save us.  the guns hit the jaw and we all fell down.

nothing soaked in blood and saltwater, nothing breathing in the wind, nothing living under the trees

the babies are dust and we are the original sin

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i lost

you in black space blue stars red metal singing, go

i ran, the spinning nucleus, forgiveness so desperate the hunger bit off my wings

navy blue boys in starched pants, the stench of the streets, blood dripping from their fingers, soldiers have to eat meat

i am still here, still spinning, still glancing across the sky, wondering about you rolling away like a dirty quarter i cant reach

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it finally occurs to me the male ego is ridiculous this is why they run in packs

me, mama wolf running with kin nothing but sand where the cedars stood and stars cliche like me dreadlocked writing about seeds planted for freedom

the heart found shells she listens to in the middle of the city black sea salt black lost the black tongue teeth and gone

cause nothing saves you but your own paw

a poem a day

March 30, 2011 § 8 Comments

so for the third year in a row i will be doing april poetry month/a poem a day/napowrimo…

last year i did a series of narratives and characters that fit together.

the year before that i just did poems as they came to me.

this year i think i am going to focus on one theme for the month.  have not chosen the theme yet though.

anyways i am excited to be writing poems again.

and if you have any suggestions for a theme, let me know…


becoming midwives

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i am writing at becoming midwives occassionally.  check it out.

call for submissions–outlaw midwives vol 3 zine

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call for submissions

focusing on pregnancy, birth, post partum, baby and breastfeeding

for and by: mothers, friends and allies of mothers, doulas, midwives, birthworkers, childbirth educators, childbirth advocates,

intention: to create a zine for pregnancy, birth, and the first year of motherhood centering the lives of working class, marginalized mothers and birthworkers.

submit: photos, drawings, visual art
poems, essays, fiction and non-fiction
tips, suggestions, lists of resources

check out the outlaw midwives manifesta and website: http://outlawmidwife.wordpress.com/

outlaw midwives: creating revolutionary communities of love

some suggestions for topics on which you can submit…but these are just suggestions…

suggestions for those trying to conceive.  and for not conceiving.  stories of conception, abortions and miscarriage.

what are the social, economic, legal consequences and limitations for marginalized mothers to make choices about how, when and where they will give birth.

tips for the first, second, third trimester.  relationship with doctors, clinic, midwives, family, friends, etc.

how do our ideas of gender and sexuality influence how we view childbearing, midwifery, and parenting?

Your take on reproductive justice?

how do we resist the high infant and mortality rates?

what are the ways that community could support the childbearing year, mothers and families?

how have you navigated through the systems of welfare, protective child services, hospitals, etc?

reflect on the state of midwifery today.  what do you see as the positives and negatives?  how has legalization and licensing affected mothers and families access to care?

what would you want to tell a soon to be mother about pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood?  or write a letter to your pre-mother or pre-pregnant self about what you should expect.   what didnt you expect to happen/learn/experience in pregnancy, birth, the baby year?  write a letter to you daughter and/or son about what you learned/want to pass on about pregnancy, birth, baby year.

what was your personal experience/story of birth? pregnancy, the baby year?
what did you learn/are you learning from the baby year?

what do you wish someone had told you about early motherhood and/or being a birth worker?
what do you wish you could have said to someone, but didnt?
what is your vision/ideal of how pregnancy, birth, baby year could be?

what family/traditional wisdom did you receive about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding?  what practical tips do you have for working poor mothers?

breastfeeding vs. bottle.  what are the social, biological and economic influences and consequences of the choice to breastfeed or bottle feed?

what to do with the placenta?  placenta art, consumption, burials?

why did you become a birth worker?  what has been the highlights of the experience? what have been the difficulties?

what does ‘outlaw midwife’  mean to you?

keep it simple

deadline may 15

send submissions to maiamedicine at gmail dot com

to do list

March 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

to do list:

read the rest of the submissions for the bridge called my baby

send files to lex for frontlines/shorelines

upload the border/home/lands zine

upload outlaw midwives stickers

complete and send in application to clare

finish phase two for clara

write post for becoming midwives

email kat

start piece for make/shift

have coffee with tessa

find an office space

breathe deeply.  from the diaphragm.