what is guerrilla mama medicine

guerrilla mama medicine is about re-centering the lives of mothers in order to create and sustain strong anti-violence, morally liberatory communities.

yeah, gmm was inspired by a vision i had  the first time i visited southern mexico.  back in 2001.  post 9/11.  i felt like if people could be healthy then they could fight the revolution more effectively.  simple as that.  the first incarnation of the idea came as: people’s guerrilla medicine.  that was looking for simple accessible ways to live healthy.

in a dreamy way i was envisioning a way to meet immortality.  the revolution that never dies.

and so it focused around lifestyle choices: raw food, sound political analysis, meditation, herbalism, etc.

after i returned from eastern africa, traveled through the eastern congo, sat with women survivors, saw the vast difference between the fecundity o fthe land and the earth and the violence of the global system that paid men to rape women, destory their bodies, i envisioned: guerrilla mama medicine.

**please feel free to re-post in part or in full from this blog.  all that i ask is that you use the work as intended and that you credit the source, guerrilla mama medicine.**

§ 10 Responses to what is guerrilla mama medicine

  • writeoutloudboston says:

    I love your philosphy and want to read more. People’s medicine is a dynamic concept. I would love for you to write a piece for writeoutloudboston.wordpress.com and educate me and those who visit the site. I lost a dreadlock today – number three in two weeks – I can only believe writing will heal my aching head and connecting with other mother/warriors will fortify my spiritual reserves.

  • Derek says:

    “in a dreamy way i was envisioning a way to meet immortality.”

    Richard Dawkins once said that genes are the only thing that never dies. The only way to be immoral is by reproduction. Kind of ironically fitting. 🙂

  • Ashes says:

    not just making babies, but rising them up~

    it resonates so deeply, what you write about “a global system that pays men to rape women, destroy their bodies.” the bodies of women are still (blessedly) unable to be extracted from the earth; neither in the flesh nor in the eyes of men. to me, that is what guerrilla medicine is all about. honoring our nature, that is, that we ARE nature, and receiving our power from that source.
    this earth will eventually cast off that which inhibits it’s own reproduction and we, as women, as of-this-earth as lava and salt, will continue to breathe our stories into the the akashic records of gaia.

    • mama says:

      @ashes what a beautiful vision. thank you.

      –this earth will eventually cast off that which inhibits it’s own reproduction —

  • pgee says:

    i’m very excited to have stumbled upon your site. can’t wait to read your posts. subscribed!

  • Jessica says:

    Would love to work with you hit me up.

  • brothadirt says:

    i am rejuvenated. thank you!

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